Kids home for the summer means a major hunt for boredom-buster activities! At the same time, kids need to use their creative sides while they’re on break from school. Kids can do both, using two icons of childhood: marbles and paint. Marble painting is easy, fun, and budget-friendly.

You Need:

  • marbles
  • washable paint
  • paper
  • baking pan with sides

Place a piece of thicker paper in a baking pan. Cut to fit, if necessary. Pick up some cheap pans from the dollar store. Washable paint won’t stain any baking dish.

Place a few small dabs of paint in the pan. Put a marble (or two) in the pan. Roll and shake the pan so the marbles roll around and make designs through the paint.

Change up the design by alternating the number of colors and marbles. Remove the paper once it is dry and display.

See! How fun (and easy) is that?


DIY: Roll Around Some Colorful Fun with Marble Painting!