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Painting is a great way for kids to explore their creativity and strengthen their fine motor skills! So far at The Krazy Coupon Lady we have shown you how to make your own edible paints and how to use peppers and celery as painting stamps. Here’s a new idea: Eye Dropper Painting! This method results in a super groovy tie dye effect, and children really enjoy pinching at the droppers to get the result they want.

Here is what you will need:

  • Your paints, which will consist simply of 1/4 cup of water and 1 drop of food coloring mixed well.
  • A muffin tin or small cups for your “paints”
  • Several eyedroppers (Request from your pharmacies, or use the droppers that come with infant medicines- just wash well.)
  • Several clean, unused coffee filters or paper towels (White filters show the colors better than the brown/unbleached filters.)
  • Newspapers to protect your workspace

Here is what you do!

  • Mix your batches of paint and put them in the muffin tin or designated cups.
  • Lay a clean coffee filter or paper towel on top of your newspaper. You might want to tape down a corner to keep in it place.
  • Drop one or multiple drops of paint onto the filter. Watch it spread!
  • Repeat using another color. Notice how the colors start to spread and intertwine creating a tie dye effect!

Allow plenty of time for these to dry. Once dry, these can be hung in a sunny window for a stained glass effect. I have also seen where people pinch the center of the filter with a pipe cleaner to make a butterfly. This is a great rainy day activity, perfect for April showers.

DIY: Tie Dye Eye Dropper Art!