When it comes to kids, we all know how important imaginative play is! I enjoy seeing my kiddos haul their toys out of the closets and occupy themselves for hours.

When playtime is over, there is often a battle royale over cleaning up.

Toy cars, tiny kitchen dishes, dress up jewelry–it can all become one cluttered mess that takes over and is exhausting to put away.

A simple magnetic knife holder does wonders in a children’s room to organize play items. These strips are available at most kitchen stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond or IKEA. They are simple to attach. Snap metal toys and dress up jewelry right onto them!

It is a great way to help kids pick and choose what toys they want to play with, and they will love snapping the toys back onto the strips during clean up time. No more arguments!

If your toys aren't magnetic, you can attach/glue small magnets to certain toys to make them stick. Note: This method is appropriate for children over three who no longer chew on small items or put things in their mouths.

So let the power of magnets save you from further arguments and clutter (not to mention the unbearable pain of stepping on those tiny toys…ouch!) It is a simple and budget savvy solution that will keep your play rooms organized and your feet injury free!

Organize Kids' Toys with Magnetic Knife Strips