If your kids are anything like mine, they could use a little extra practice on their math skills. It can be hard to find ways to give them the extra practice without it feeling like more homework or punishment. I have found math games to be a fun way to sneak in some mathematical concepts without it feeling like work. Here are eight great ways to find fun and free math games for children at any skill level:


1. Cool Math Games

There are thousands of games to choose from on 10 different websites: Coolmath.com, Coolmath4kids.com, Coolmath-Games.com, CoolifiedGames.com, Coolmath4teachers.com, Coolmath4parents.comFinanceFREAK.com, TotallyStressedOut.com, SpikesGameZone.com and ScienceMonster.com. You can pick games by skill or by grade level. They even have geography, reading, spelling and science games. My personal favorite game is Bricks Breaking; I play it with my kids—and even by myself! A lot of parents enjoy the online jigsaw puzzles too. This month, all proceeds from clicking on ads are donated to charity.

2. PBS Kids

For the young leaners, PBS Kids has fun beginning math games. Games focus on shapes, patterns, matching, addition and more. Not only are the games fun and free, but they include characters your child will recognize: Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Clifford and more. You can find more fun math games for younger kids at Sesame Street featuring your child's favorite Sesame Street characters.

3. XP Math

XP Math has fun math games for students in grades 2–9 to build their Common Core Standards skills. These standards are the basis of the standardized tests all kids have to take each year. Playing these games helps drill kids in skills they will be tested on and help build the confidence of children who struggle with standardized tests.

4. Open Education Resources

Open Educational Resources are websites where parents and teachers share educational resources.  Many of these sites offer worksheets and support for kids, and a few offer games too. My favorite OER site for games is Curriki. Games are grouped by grade and go all the way up to high school. These games are great for your teenager who needs a little extra algebra help. SourceForge has hundreds more game options, but not all of the games appear to build math skills, and some games may not be appropriate for younger children. I suggest reviewing the games on this site before having your child play.

5. Math Game Time

This site has math games organized by grade and by subject. Topics include everything from shapes to probability and algebra. My kids really enjoyed the games on this site, and other kids have rated the games as fun too.

6. Hot Math games

There are only four games here to play/download, but they are specifically for middle school and high school learners, and the games are really fun. The site even has a Tetris-like game to help build factoring skills. This site has won numerous awards and has been a parent and teacher favorite for years.

7. Math Blaster

Math Blaster games are arranged by grade (K–6) and skill. There are even games for families to play together. Show your kids how dedicated you are to helping them improve their math skills by working with them!

8. More websites

Educational Freeware lists even more fun, free and educational math games. This list includes games that support children from Pre-K through high school.

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Fun Free Math Games for Kids of All Ages