The Olympic Spirit is alive and well at our house these days! We are loving all the excitement of watching these amazing athletes. I decided we needed our own Olympic event to really capture the magic of the games this winter—and to chase away the winter boredom that is making us all a bit crazy lately. We may not win any real Olympic events, but I’m pretty sure we can give any other pom pom shooters a run for the gold! These easy-to-make toys are a blast. We have all had fun seeing how far we can get those pom poms to fly in the air. I even printed out some Olympic rings for target practice. And shh…don't tell the kids, but these work great with marshmallows, too!

Materials Needed:

  • Small plastic cups
  • Balloons
  • Pom poms or marshmallows


  1. Cut the bottoms off the plastic cups, leaving about 2/3 of the cup. I used small 3 oz. cups so they would be easier for little hands to hold.
  2. Tie a knot at the end of your balloon and cut off the tip.
  3. Stretch the balloon over the rim of the cup. The small cup size makes it easier to stretch the balloon across, as well.
  4. Place a pom pom down in the hole where the knot is.
  5. Pull back and let it fly!
DIY Olympic Pom Pom Shooters