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1. Surf the Web with Clickworker and make $500 a month.

Clickworker pays you to complete Web surfing tasks like testing deep links, querying, and checking the relevancy of search results. Tasks share how much you’ll earn doing them, and rates typically span from $3 – $15 per hour.


2. Make up to $500 a month naming businesses with SquadHelp.

Are you pretty creative when it comes to thinking up ideas? When you jump into business naming contests on sites like SquadHelp, you get paid in cash (some have won over $25,000) for those brilliant ideas (along with bragging rights). Through SquadHelp, companies put out the call for clever domain and business name ideas. To see the examples of names that have previously won contests, check here.


3. Score $150 a month taking surveys.

When you have some time to spare online, there are sites happy to pay for your opinions. Just register, and they let you know when they’ve got a survey fitting your profile. Typically these are online market research surveys for big brands, and a few even offer full-sized test samples you can review. Check out:

Springboard America: Cash out at $50 with surveys regularly paying at $5 a pop.


4. Do Microgigs on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and earn $100 a month.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace paying a very small amount per task (sometimes as low as $0.05). These tasks can add up pretty quickly, so it’s a pretty good way to use some downtime.


5. Earn $100 a month with Consumer Opinion Services.

Consumer Opinion Services pays you for sharing your opinions. Search by your city, state, or category. Then respond directly to the query that you’re interested in. I participated in a printer usability study I just completed a couple of weeks ago and earned $100 for 20 minutes of my time.


6. Test websites for Ubertesters and make $30 a month.

Sites like need users to rate and give feedback about websites. You can expect to earn $10 for each session you complete (each is 20 minutes long), and you’ll be eligible to test products daily once your sample test is approved.


7. Sell your old class notes for up to $30 a month.

You take notes in class, and online services StudySoup wants those notes! Just upload your content, and buyers purchase what they need. Some colleges will buy those notes, too, so just ask.



8. Earn $50 a month reviewing bands and fashion with Slice the Pie.

With Slice the Pie, you review new songs, commercials, and fashion items before they’re released to the public. While it might take time to build up your reputation, you might be able to earn an extra $50+ per month with just 5 – 10 minutes a day.


9. Make $5 a month trying out apps on AppCasher.

If the thought of getting paid to test out apps seems like a fun side hustle, AppCasher is your online spirit animal. Earn credit just for installing and launching apps, and apply those credits to gift cards or to your PayPal account.


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10. Tag items on social media with CoSign to score $40 a month.

With CoSign, just tag the images you upload to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest with information about the products pictured, like the brand and price of clothes, food, books, household goods, tech products, or movies. When your followers buy the items you post, you earn up to a 35% commission of the product price.


11. Tackle errands online with Agent Anything for $100 a month.

Agent Anything allows people to post projects on a virtual bulletin board site and suggest how much they’re willing to pay to get help. Like reddit’s micro jobs board, each task is listed with details (and you can negotiate prices).


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