Spring brings to mind many things—some of them good, such as blooming flowers and baby chicks and some not so good such as spring cleaning and allergies! But there is one aspect of spring that I love—the deals! Although you may not think of April as a particularly great month for deals, there are some suprising bargains to be found. From clothing to cruises, here are five of the best deals that you’ll find this month:

Spring clothing

I know what you’re thinking—it’s way too early to find spring clothing on sale, right? After all, it’s still cold in some parts of the country! However, retail stores are always ahead of the season and typically begin receiving those shorts and tees at the end of January, when most of us are still bundled up in oversized coats. Although every retailer is different, the majority of clothing stores begin to mark down items once they’ve been in the store for around two months, meaning those first spring arrivals should be moving to the clearance racks any day.

Vacuum cleaners

If your vacuum cleaner is in need of an upgrade, April is the perfect month to invest in one. Since many consumers have spring cleaning on the brain, retailers tend to run discounts and promotions on vacuum cleaners, as well as other cleaning supplies this time of year. Last April, we saw deals such as free gift cards with the purchase of select vacuum cleaners at Target and up to 30% off at retailers such as Best Buy and Sears.


If you and the family have been daydreaming about taking a cruise, April is the perfect month to start shopping around. After a string of highly-publicized disasters last year, cruise lines started offering some pretty spectacular deals in an attempt to get people back on the boats, and it looks as though those deals are here to stay… at least for another season! Many cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity have already begun offering deals such as kids sail free and $300 in on-board credit, and you’ll likely see those deals and many more through the month of April.


Spring is a great time to start running, and if you’re planning to do so you’re not alone. According to Forbes, the majority of corporate-sponsored marathons take place in April, prompting retailers to entice runners with promotions and deals. If the warm weather is tempting you to take up running or join in on one of those fun runs you’ve seen advertised, this is the month to pick up a new pair of kicks. Last year, we saw sports and shoe stores offering as much as 40% off running shoes, as well as promos such as free shipping and free gifts with purchase.


For many Americans, one of the best parts of the spring season is getting a tax refund, and according to CNN, this year’s average refund is just over $3,000! With electronics retailers anxious to get a chunk of that, they often entice shoppers with deep discounts during the month of April. Additionally, March marks the end of the fiscal year for most Japanese companies, meaning older models start to drop in price to make way for the new models that typically arrive in stores in the spring.

The 5 Hottest Deals to Find in April