Don’t let the holiday season dip too far into your pocket when it doesn’t have to! This is the time of year that retailers become more competitive, which means you can save loads of cash along the way. RadioShack is no exception, and they have stepped up to offer a new holiday program for their customers! RadioShack is expanding its holiday purchasing options by featuring its new “R Promise” for the holiday shopper this season. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The R Promise program.

The R Promise program offers price matching for “identical” items, which means the same brand, serial or model number, color, size and quantity. RadioShack limits each customer to one price match per item per store per day. The following exclusions apply:

  • Black Friday sales
  • Cyber Monday online offers
  • Competitor sales requiring a coupon
  • Preferred customer prices
  • Wireless phones from online retailers

2. RadioShack’s promise to price match.

RadioShack will price match identical items from select online retailers, local retail competitors and from at the time of purchase and up to 15 days within the date of purchase. This includes,,, and Other online retailers not mentioned are excluded. Make sure to bring the competitor’s sales flyer into the store for price matching, or be able to produce the competitor’s online web address for the associate to verify the product matches.

3. Is that desired item out of stock? You’re not out of luck.

RadioShack will ship out-of-stock gift items free of charge to the consumer if the item can be located at another RadioShack location. I love to shop, but I don’t love going to different RadioShacks looking for one item. This option saves me time and gas money. Be prepared to ask the sales associate to call other stores if the item is not available in your local store.

4. There’s a smarter way to pay.

RadioShack offers a new SmartPay everyday leasing option that allows the customer to make payments over time on those much needed electronics. Let’s face it, electronics are increasingly what kids and adults are putting on their wish lists. Being able to make payments allows those on a fixed budget or income to affordably make the holiday extra special. RadioShack’s SmartPay offers a 90-day, same-as-cash option with no deposit required for qualified customers. This is an even better option than layaway because you don’t have to put money down!

5. Pay your bill from home!

RadioShack now offers mail-in and online payment options for customer convenience. This means no more long lines, tired feet or cranky sales clerks! You can make those payments while sitting in your pajamas and drinking coffee!


5 Reasons to Take Advantage of RadioShack's Holiday Incentives