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Limited Burger King Halloween Buckets Are Here — Cheaper Than McDonald's

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With the return of the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets on Oct. 17, Burger King has surprised us by dropping their own Halloween bucket (but there is a catch in finding one!). Plus, they’re even giving a special Halloween food deal that you can pick up.

We’ll let you know how to grab this BK Halloween food deal, where you can find the new Burger King buckets (it’s not going to be easy, unfortunately: it’s only available in four cities), and even give you a comparison of the BK food deal versus other fast food restaurant offers.

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Burger King Halloween buckets will arrive in four cities on Friday, Oct. 13 at the price of $1 each.

image of burger kings halloween bucket

This year, the Burger King Halloween buckets will start selling in Nashville, Tenn.; Las Vegas, Nevada; Charlotte, N.C., and Atlanta, Georgia, on Oct. 13. Each bucket has a black background with white glow-in-the-dark “ghost peppers” surrounding it.

Each Burger King Halloween bucket costs $1, and they will be available until Halloween or until they run out of supplies.

If you don’t live in the four markets where Burger King is selling Halloween buckets, you’ll be able to get a limited-edition “ghost pepper” crown for free with any purchase at every location until they run out of supplies.


Save 16% with the Burger King “Trick or Heat” meal bundle starting on Oct. 13 for $13.

a fully loaded with toppings burger at burger king being held

If you don’t live in Nashville, Las Vegas, Charlotte, or Atlanta, Burger King is still offering a “Trick or Heat” meal deal through the Burger King website or app on Oct. 13 (we predict it will be here through Halloween). Each meal bundle will cost $13, and it’ll be offered as a digital exclusive only.

Here’s what you’ll be able to grab in the bundle:

  • One Ghost Pepper Whopper (reg. $6.99) or regular Whopper (reg. $5.89)
  • 4-Piece Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries (reg. $1.99) or regular 4-Piece Chicken Fries (reg. $1.99)
  • Small French Fries (reg. $2.89)
  • Small Beverage (reg. $2.49)
  • Hershey Sundae Pie (reg. $2.39)

That’s a $15.65 value for a 16.9% discount.


The Burger King Trick or Heat meal is cheaper than comparable meals at McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Carl’s Jr.

mcdonalds and burger king takeout bags

Even though the Burger King Trick or Heat meal is $13, you’ll still be saving on your order when compared to similar meals from competing fast-food restaurants. Here’s the breakdown for McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Carl’s Jr. (or Hardee’s).

McDonald’s: $13.85 — a 6.1% increase

  • Quarter Pounder (reg. $5.49)
  • 4-Piece Nugget (reg. $2.09)
  • Small French Fries (reg. $2.89)
  • Small Beverage (reg. $1.39)
  • McDonald’s Pie (reg. $1.99)

Wendy’s: $14.95 — a 13% increase

  • Dave’s Single (reg. $5.99)
  • 4-Piece Nugget (reg. $2.19)
  • Small Fries (reg. $2.39)
  • Small Beverage (reg. $2.49)
  • Cookie (reg. $1.89)

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s: $16.15 — a 19.5% increase

  • Famous Star (reg. $5.69)
  • 3-Piece Chicken Tenders (reg. $4.39)
  • Small Fries (reg. $2.69)
  • Small Beverage (reg. $2.39)
  • Apple Turnover (reg. $0.99)


You’ll grab a cheaper Halloween bucket from Burger King when compared to McDonald’s.

a person grabing burget king out of the drive thru window

This year, the McDonald’s Halloween bucket will be the toy for the McDonald’s Happy Meal between Oct. 17 to 30. McDonald’s has confirmed that the only way to receive a Halloween bucket is through a Happy Meal (starts at a price of $4.99), so you won’t be able to purchase one separately.

That means the Burger King Halloween bucket will be cheaper since you don’t have to purchase a meal that costs around $4-$5 to receive one. Of course, if you’re already getting a Happy Meal, you will technically get a Halloween bucket for free.

We’ve got the skinny on all the comparisons between McDonald’s Rewards and Burger King Rewards programs to know which will save you more.


Grab a discounted Burger King gift card to save even more on your Halloween buckets & meal deals.

two burger king gift cards and a target red car being held near a target cart

Before you order your Trick or Heat meal or grab your Burger King Halloween Bucket, you should always grab a discounted gift card to save even more. If you have a Target RedCard, you can always save 5% on your gift card purchases — including Burger King gift cards.

If you don’t have a Target RedCard, you can always grab a discounted gift card on Raise.com. We’ve seen discounts go up to 4% for Burger King gift cards.


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