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Wait what? You heard me. Free food! On Dec. 28 Burger King is debuting their updated Dollar Menu and paying select customers $1 to order something!

What does that mean? Here is what you need to know (I’ll even tell you how to get a free Whopper and a free Kids Meal thrown in, too!):


Burger King is adding these new items to their Dollar Menu.

The savings aren’t huge here, but that is not the point. Starting Dec. 28, here is what’s going on the Dollar Menu:

  • Bacon Cheeseburger (reg. $1.49)
  • Chicken Jr. (reg. $1)
  • Value fries (reg. $1.39)
  • Value soft drink (reg. $1.79)


Download the Burger King app to get free food.

Once you get the Burger King app, be sure to sign up for an account using your spam email. Also, make sure you have a Venmo account.

Psst! Just by downloading the app for the first time and creating an account, you get a free Whopper.


Boom! Free item #1.


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Burger King will deposit $1 into your Venmo account if you order just one item. Maybe.

Now, Burger King is saying “select customers” get the $1 back in their Venmo accounts, which always make me nervous. So, let’s test it. If you try this out and are successful, let me know in the comments. If I get that $1 back, I’ll let you know!

Boom! Free item #2 (hopefully!).

And you can use the Free Kids Meal for $1+ purchases app offer too!

You can always use the Free Kids Meal offer in the app and get that for free after you order something for a buck. But in a perfect world, you get a free Whopper for downloading the app, you order something off the Dollar Menu, AND you get the free Kids Meal AND get your $1 back in your Venmo account.

Boom! Free item #3!

Bonus Brag cred to anyone who pulls all of this off (you bet I’m trying it and will let you all know!).


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Free Food! Burger King Pays You $1 for a $1 Order!