Spending money to fill up your gas tank is like spending money on a root canal. There’s the satisfaction of knowing something you rely on will continue to work. But other than that—if you’re anything like me, you can probably think of literally hundreds of other, more preferable ways to spend your hard-earned cash! This, of course, is why it can pay to spend a bit of research time to scope out the lowest gas prices in your area. The less you pay in gas, the more you have left to save (or spend on things that are much more fun)!

When you’re traveling, you are even more vulnerable to overpaying for your gas. You don’t know the local area or trending gas prices. So even if out-of-town prices are lower than you’re used to, you could still end up overpaying if you don’t know where to go.

These resources can help you save valuable pennies on gas anywhere in the country.

1. Mapquest’s Gas Prices

it doesn’t get much better than a tool that allows you to simply type in your zip code to find cheap gas! Mapquest’s Gas Prices delivers back a handy list of stations, complete with daily pricing updates and options to search by “cheapest” or “distance.” Best of all, the station with the best daily price gets a little green “Best Price” ribbon so you can easily locate it and head right over!

Mobile: The mobile app goes the web version one better, permitting you to add consistent low pricers to your “Favorites” list so you can search your shortlist for any type of fuel from gasoline (any grade) to diesel to E-85. You can also use the Voice Navigation system for hands-free directions to your chosen station.

2. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is an online tool that offers two handy resources: a low-price finder by zip code and a daily posted gas price average by which to assess prices in any geographic area. If you enjoy statistics, you can also use Gas Buddy to forecast upcoming gas trends based on past posted history to pick just the right moment to fuel up.

Mobile: Billed as a “community of users working together to update gas prices,” Gas Buddy’s mobile options are plentiful and free. Even better, every time you use Gas Buddy to report gas prices, you can earn points that enter you to win a prize. Nothing like getting cheap gas and free stuff, too!

3. AOL Auto’s cheap gas prices

AOL Auto’s gas price finder works a little differently. Yes, it does have a finder that permits you to find the cheapest stations by zip code, city, or state, but it also has lots of other helps to guide you in finding a more permanent solution to spending on gas. You can research the best vehicles for saving on fuel costs, learn more about how you’re driving, and even see how the roads you choose can impact what you spend. Also read FAQs about saving on gas and search through the most recent articles that focus on finding ways to save on fuel.

Mobile: As of now, AOL doesn’t yet have a mobile app just for finding cheap gas prices. They do have a mobile app for their auto shopping division, however.

4. Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy is the “official U.S. government source for fuel economy information.” As such, this website does have a price finder by state and city, but will also give you nationwide updates on regular and diesel fuel, as well as links to helpful tips for improving gas mileage, complete with video examples.

Mobile: Fuel Economy has no mobile apps as of yet. There’s a “mobile” link at the footer of their website, but it simply links to other online tools.

5. Motor Trend

Motor Trend offers an online-only service with gas price listings by state or zip code. This service is simple and is probably the best choice only if you’re already a Motor Trend enthusiast and regularly visit their website.

Mobile: While Motor Trend has plenty of apps for its magazine, it has no mobile apps as of yet specific to gas price monitoring.

6. Gas Price Watch

Gas Price Watch is an online-only service with two aspects. First, you can search by zip code, state, or city to find the lowest gas prices wherever you are, and can save your top searches by station and mapped area. Second, you can join the site’s Spotter list to help keep gas prices updated and be entered to win free cash prizes monthly. Prizes are substantial, with the first place winner each month netting $1,000—so worth participating! You earn points for each update you post, and top Spotters will receive the monthly prizes.

Mobile: Gas Price Watch has no mobile apps as of yet.

7. AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report

AAA’s fuel gauge report surveys 120,000+ stations nationwide each day to generate an average by state. While this won’t be helpful to find the cheapest local station, they offer another online tool that can be very helpful—the ability to use their daily averages to calculate both the current fuel cost for your upcoming trip and the ability to map your trip, complete with pricing for individual stations along your route. Here are the links you need:

Mobile: AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report has no mobile apps as of yet.


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