With all the blockbuster movies that come out, my family practically spends the entire summer inside a Regal theater. Unfortunately, prices at the box office and concession stand can really put a dent in my wallet—but that doesn't mean that we have to forgo the theater this summer! The Regal Crown Club program rewards movie-lovers like us for doing things we already do like buying movie tickets and concession stand items!

How to sign up

You can sign up for the Regal Crown Club at your local Regal theater or online. If you register online you can pick up your membership card at any Regal cinema. Once signed up (whether it's in person or online) you'll need to register on the Regal website to access all of the program benefits. You can also sign up for the Regal Crown Club via the Regal mobile app. If you use the app, you'll have access to a virtual card, which can be used from your telephone just like the physical card. This is my favorite option because I always have my phone with me (but I can't say the same for all of my store loyalty cards).

How to earn rewards

Just show your physical or virtual Regal Crown Club card whenever you buy a movie ticket or purchase items at the concession stand and you'll start earning points (maximum: 20 points per card, per day). You can even get credits for buying movie tickets online—just make sure that you enter your card number at checkout.

  • Get 10 extra points just for verifying your email address after you sign up.
  • Get 1 credit for every dollar that you spend on movie tickets.
  • Get 4 credits for any transaction at the concession stand.

Once you accumulate at least 50 credits, you’ll receive your first reward. Besides earning credits, reward program members also receive special promotions, member-only deals, and coupons via text and email.

How to keep track of your rewards

You can check your credit balance and see how many points you need to claim your next reward online. Just log in to your account, and your point balance will show on the top of the screen beside your name. You can also check your balance using the Regal mobile app or by asking an associate at the customer service desk at your local Regal theater. Credits are also printed on your receipt every time you make a purchase at the theater.

Using your rewards

A voucher will print out at the box office or concession stand once you accumulate enough points to earn a reward. All vouchers have an expiration date (I've found that movie rewards typically expire 90 days after I get them, and concession rewards expire 60 days after they’re printed).


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