Welcome to your one-stop resource for teacher and student deals and ideas — I’m talking everything from DIY gifts to special discounts to loan forgiveness.

So, go ahead and bookmark this page, because you know you’ll need to refer back to it every year when spring comes.


1. Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week with food deals and freebies.


National Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 starts May 6th, and National Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th.

Have your faculty ID available (you’ll need it for all the deals) and head to any one of these restaurants for some serious freebies and deals — Chick-fil-A and Chipotle included!

Top 16 National Teacher Appreciation Day Freebies & Deals


2. Help your student make a plan to attend a college that offers free tuition.

It’s true! There are actually colleges that offer free tuition to qualifying students.

For example, if your household makes less than $60,000 per year, your child can get a free Ivy League education — think Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale and more.

These U.S. Colleges Offer Free Tuition for Students


3. Aim to do as many free summer activities for kids as possible.

Think of how much money you’d save if you only did free activities with your kids this summer.

Most cities offer bowling, library workshops, skating and more, but the best perk is the free fourth grade National Parks Pass.

Through the Every Kid in a Park program, all kids entering or leaving fourth grade get a free unlimited pass for their whole family to every National Park in the U.S.

19 Free Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer


4. Bookmark KCL couponing pages for deals on grad and teacher gifts.

If you want to spend less money all year, you need to download the free KCL app and use it to learn about deals on grad and teacher gifts like hand lotion and soap, Apple products, candles and coffee.

Buy items when you see a good deal so you’re never paying full price.

Here are a few couponing pages you should keep an eye on:

Bath & Body Works coupons

Apple coupons

Yankee coupons

Starbucks coupons



5. Shop at stores that offer student discounts.

If you’re a student and you don’t know about all the stores that offer student discounts, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Especially when it comes to shopping for new clothes — H&M offers 15% off for all students when you register through their UNiDAYS program.

Top 20 Stores That Offer Student Discounts



6. Dine out at restaurants that offer student discounts.

Yep, restaurants too.

This is especially nice since students are often just getting by while living off ramen noodles. You deserve that extra 10% off at Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s, Burger King and more, don’t you?

Top 22 Restaurants That Offer Student Discounts.


7. Snatch up every teacher freebie and discount possible.

Teachers, we haven’t forgotten about you!

To say “thank you” for investing in children full time, retailers offer you a special discount as well.

Get up to 20% off your total purchase at stores like Barnes & Noble, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Ann Taylor Loft and more.

The Top 34 Discounts and Freebies for Teachers


8. Encourage your student to apply for all the college scholarships.

There are a lot of weird and little-known scholarships out there for students.

In fact there are a bunch that have nothing to do with good grades. Instead, they’re for students with interests in farming, the arts, healthy eating and more.

For example, you can win $1,500 if your essay on the subject of “If I were a flavor of ice cream, which would I be?” is chosen!

44 College Scholarships That You Didn’t Know Existed


9. Make a DIY gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I’m not talking about craft perfection here, I’m just talking about putting together easy projects to give to your kids’ teachers in order to save a bit of money.

For example, how easy would it be to paint a small flower pot and write a cute saying on it?

Easy, inexpensive and best of all — your teacher will like it.

Top 20 DIY Gifts Teachers Will Love

Easy $2 DIY Apple Pot Teacher Gift



10. Start your gift stockpile right now for next year’s grad and teacher gifts.

Remember how I said it’s best to buy gifts when they’re on sale or there’s a coupon available?

Level up on this idea by buying everything at its very lowest price and setting it aside to give as a gift when you need it.

For example, you might stock up on bathroom towels during Black Friday at Kohl’s when they’re $1-2 each. Save them until spring and give them to your favorite grad!

How I Built My Gift Stockpile for Birthdays and Weddings


11. Work for a company that’ll pay for your college degree.

This is especially awesome for younger college students and non-breadwinners since most of these are entry-level jobs.

But the perks are 100% worth it. Check out Starbucks — they’ll fully cover your tuition cost at Arizona State University online for as long as you are an employee.

I can’t think of a better reason to sling lattes.

23 Companies That Will Pay for Your College Degree


12. Or consider a job that offers student loan forgiveness.

If you can commit to working some of these jobs for a certain number of years, you’ll be rewarded with loan forgiveness.

For example, did you know that you could work in the Admin. department or in Information Technology for a hospital for ten years and qualify for loan forgiveness as a “healthcare worker”?

You don’t even have to be a doctor or a nurse.

9 Jobs That Offer Student Loan Forgiveness


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