Walmart got us all excited about holiday toy shopping back in early September when they released the Walmart Wonder Lab and their 2020 Top Toys List.

As cool as those virtual features are, there’s nothing like getting a toy catalog in the mail (and even Amazon gets it).

Walmart’s 56-page “America’s Best Toy Shop” booklet is out now, and they’re making it easier than ever to get the toys on your holiday shopping list.

Here’s what you need to know:


Every single thing in the booklet is scannable.

No kidding. From photos to text, everything in the Walmart Toy Catalog can be scanned by your phone.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open the Walmart app.
  2. Select “Shop” (not Pickup & Delivery).
  3. Tap the barcode icon at the right side of the search bar.
  4. Hover over something in the book.
  5. The app will take you to a product page or exclusive content.


Some items lead to exclusive videos.

Throughout the booklet, Walmart has special “Scan here” logos. Scan those images using the Walmart app to get access to exclusive content from the following brands:

  • Blue’s Clues & You (page 8)
  • Paw Patrol (page 12)
  • Ryan’s World (page 13)
  • Minions Christmas (page 14)
  • Frozen 2 (page 16)
  • Love Diana (page 17)
  • LOL Surprise (page 23)
  • LEGO (page 28)
  • Collins Key (page 32)
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (page 38)



Scan ‘Wonder Lab’ toys to play with them virtually.

We’ve shared a lot about the Walmart Wonder Lab, but in case you haven’t had the opportunity to play with the top toys virtually, Walmart encourages you to scan a number of “Wonder Lab” toys in the catalog.

Those scans will let you play with the Gotta Go Flamingo, Squeakee the Balloon Dog, the Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower, My Life As Hello Kitty doll, and a bunch more.

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Amazon’s prices are almost always the same on sale items.

As we looked through Walmart’s price drops in the toy catalog, we cross-referenced the prices with those on Amazon, and the vast majority of the time, the prices were identical.


Create your gift list with the included paper list, or go digital.

The Walmart toy catalog has a blank gift list on page 3, but Walmart also lets you build a digital wish list at

(You can scan the picture on page 3 to get there, too.)


Make sure to browse Walmart’s $20 Super Gift Sets.

On Page 42, Walmart shares 20 of their $20 “Super Gift Sets,” packaged play sets that contain a number of toys grouped together for maximum value. Some of the top brands include:

  • LOL Surprise
  • Barbie
  • VTech
  • Roblox
  • Trolls World Tour
  • Frozen 2
  • LEGO Dots
  • Halo


Walmart has the lowest prices on the Gotta Go! Flamingo & other Top-Rated Toys.

A lot of these toys are popping up on various stores’ top-rated lists, and Walmart is boasting the best prices:



Get LOL Surprise! for as low as $12.88.

LOL Surprise! is one of the hot toys predicted to sell out this holiday season, and Walmart has some of the best prices on those toys. (But they don’t beat Amazon.)


A LEGO 1,500-piece kit is a smoking deal at $40.

There are plenty of 400-piece LEGO sets that cost $40, so when it comes to cost per brick, Walmart’s exclusive “LEGO Classic Bricks & Plates” set — 1,500 bricks plus 4 base plates — is a steal at $39.97.

Other LEGO deals in the toy catalog include:


Nobody competes with Walmart for Hot Wheels deals.

Walmart is winning the price wars when it comes to Hot Wheels toys, beating Amazon prices by more than $20 in some cases:


Walmart is competitive with Star Wars ‘Baby Yoda’ deals.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian and The Child are super-hot toys this year, and Walmart and Amazon are neck and neck, price wise:

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Get exclusive Disney Frozen 2 dolls as low as $10.

The Walmart toy catalog doesn’t have a ton of Disney toys, but the ones they do are mostly Frozen 2 products.



Walmart has Barbie toys as low as $14.88.

Walmart and Amazon have the lowest prices on Barbie toys this holiday season:


Exclusive NERF blasters cost as low as $14.88.

Although you can get a Nerf gun for as cheap as $2 on Amazon, when you compare specs, Walmart’s exclusive library of blasters are some of the lowest priced around:


Play-Doh & Kinetic Sand prices are in lockstep with Amazon.

Both of these products continue to be popular in 2020, and Walmart shares the lowest prices with Amazon.


Find hoverboards for as low as $79.

And that’s the best price we’ve EVER seen on a hoverboard, so expect these to sell out.


Kids’ bikes start at $74.

Bikes have been one of the items we’ve seen sell out the fastest in 2020, and with these prices listed in the Walmart toy catalog, expect more of the same:

  • 12″ bikes, $74
  • 16″ bikes, $84
  • 20″ bikes, $88
  • 24″ bikes, $98


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The Walmart Toy Catalog 2020 Is Here & You Can Scan Everything