In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Amazon’s Whole Foods Market is requiring that all shoppers wear masks in stores — and is providing those masks.

Amazon announced the free masks and the new policy on their Day One blog — on the eve of an employee walkout protesting coronavirus-era workplace policies.

Here’s what you need to know:


Get a free mask at the Whole Foods entrance.

For any customers who don’t already have a mask, Whole Foods will give a free, disposable face mask — like the ones patients get at the hospital — at the entrance of each of the 500 or so stores.


Masks will be available by May 7.

In their April 30 blog post, Whole Foods said the masks would be available “within a week,” so expect to see them no later than May 7.

No word yet as to how long Whole Foods plans to distribute the free masks.



Whole Foods now expects all shoppers and employees to wear masks.

They’ve joined Costco, Sam’s Club, Menards, and many others in requiring protective coverings. Employees have also been furnished masks and are expected to wear them.


Amazon is spending $800 million on safety measures through June.

Besides the masks for shoppers, Amazon announced plans to spend money on hand sanitizer, thermal cameras, thermometers, sanitizing wipes, gloves, additional handwashing stations, disinfectant spray, COVID tests, and expanded janitorial teams, among others.


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Whole Foods Is Giving Shoppers Free Masks