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You Won't Believe These Unbelievable Return Policies and Lifetime Warranties

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Did you know there are some brands that stand behind their products for literally forever? Or that some of the items you purchase at your favorite stores can be returned even after you’ve used them?

If you didn’t, today you’re gonna learn!

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1. Return Target brands (even used) up to a year later.

a kid sitting down with ripped leggings on

Target brands have a pretty sweet return policy and one year guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the item and think it’s not up to snuff, you can return it up to a year later, even if it’s opened, even if it’s used and damaged. This policy applies to the following brands and more:

  • Archer Farms
  • Boots & Barkley
  • C9 Champion
  • Cat & Jack
  • Gilligan & O’Malley
  • Hearth & Hand with Magnolia
  • Merona
  • Mossimo
  • Sonia Kashuk
  • Threshold
  • up & up
  • Xhilaration
  • Yoobi

Non Target brands you purchase at are subject to the standard 90 or 120 day Target return policy.


2. You can return Amazon brands for up to a year too.

someone holding up vitamin D3 in front of groceries

Similar to Target, Amazon allows you to return its own brand items for up to a year, even after use. This applies to products in the following lines, and others:

  • Amazon Elements
  • Amazon Basics
  • Happy Belly
  • Peak Velocity
  • Presto
  • Pinzon
  • Wickedly Prime

Just like Target, you’ll want to bear in mind that this return policy doesn’t apply to all the products you buy on Amazon. There’s a separate return policy for that.


3. Return the plants you killed to Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart a year later.

A woman holding dead plants to return.

Walmart returns, Home Depot returns and Lowe’s returns have a one-year return policy on trees, shrubs and perennials. And in all cases, these return policies highlights the fact that even if the plant is dead, it’s still returnable!


4. REI lets you return clean, used items for up to a year.

REI employee pulling shoes out of box at the return counter

You can return most items you purchase at REI for up to a year. Even if they’re used. Even if those hiking boots you bought have noticeable wear. As long as you clean the mud off them, you’ll be allowed to make your return.

After 365 days, you can still make a return. But only if you’re returning due to a manufacturer defect. Normal wear and tear isn’t an acceptable reason for make returns at REI after the one-year mark.


5. L.L. Bean is the same – just a little pickier.

boots lined up on a shelf at LLBean

L.L. Bean’s return policy is very similar to REI’s. They give you a year to make returns, and it’s okay to return items that you have worn.

But they’re a little pickier about how worn. If it looks like you’ve really put those boots through the ringer, you probably won’t qualify for a refund. If they’re nearing the end of their usable life, it’s a no-go.

But if it’s just light use, you should probably be okay. After one year, you can still make returns, but only for manufacturer defects – just like REI.

TIP: Prices at L.L. Bean outlets can save you up to 50%.


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6. Duluth Trading Company has stipulations on its year-long return policy.

Duluth Trading Company also has a similar return policy. You can return most items for up to a year – even if they’re used.

But there are some stipulations. If you’ve abused your purchase or defaced the labels, you won’t get the refund. If it’s been through a fire or another natural disaster, you also won’t qualify. Same thing goes for overly dirty products. If you lost a bunch of weight and nothing fits anymore, that’s on you – not Duluth.

After one year, you can still technically make returns, but only if it’s for a manufacturer’s defect.


7. Nordstrom is a little wishy-washy, but they might accept your used return.

returns sign and counter in front of mall

Nordstrom has a liberal return policy with no time constraints. They will also accept returns for items you’ve already used – but within reason. If you’re bringing in a muddy item that has holes in it, you can try to make the return, but you might get turned down. Each return is considered on a case-by-case basis.

8. Return used makeup to Sephora for 60 days.

Used Bobbi Brown eyseshadow

Sephora return policy allows you to return items that are ‘gently used.’ That means if you tried a makeup shade that turned you orange, or your eye liner dried out before you used it all, you can return it. Just make sure it’s at least half full and you’re within the 60-day window. No questions asked.


9. Certain Craftsman products are under warranty forever.

someone holding up a craftsman ultimate screwdriver bit set

Craftsman products have great warranties. Some of them are limited to manufacturer defects or expire after a set amount of years. But a huge portion of their products are covered for any reason, including wear and tear.

If any of these Craftsman products fail to perform, the company will replace them:

  • Hammers and demolition tools.
  • Finishing tools.
  • Hex keys.
  • Knives and multitools.
  • Nut drivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Ratchets and sockets.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Wrenches.
  • Simple Design non-electric automotive tools.
  • Mechanics tool sets.
  • Individual open stock tools.

To initiate your repair or replacement, you will take your Craftsman tool back to the store where you bought it. Or, you can contact Craftsman customer care, but they may end up just telling you to take it back to the store, anyways.


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10. Get your Cutco knives sharpened for free.

knives in a knife stand

Cutco knives are amazing. You probably won’t ever need to replace them if you take good care of them. Perhaps because of that fact, Cutco is able to offer a Forever Guarantee. If you ever decide that you don’t like the way the knives perform, you can return them by reaching out online.

On top of that, you can send in your knives to be sharpened at any time. Forever. The knives last for several years without needing to be sharpened, but when they do, simply reach out to Cutco and they’ll take care of it for you.

TIP: There is a shipping fee for sharpening Double-D and straight-edged knives. This fee can range from $9-$16.


11. Osprey will replace 40-year-old backpacks.

osprey backpack on a rock with mountain behind it

Osprey backpacks come with an ‘All Mighty Guarantee.’ If at any time your pack becomes damaged by any means – or you notice a defect – Osprey will repair or replace it. No questions asked.

To take advantage of the All Mighty Guarantee, you’ll first submit a request. Then, you have 120 days to actually mail your backpack out. You will have to pay for shipping.

If Osprey can’t fix your pack, they will recycle it and send you a replacement.

TIP: If you’ve got an emotional attachment to your backpack and don’t want it replaced, make sure to let the team know when you submit your initial request. They’ll tag your repair as ‘sentimental.’


12. Patagonia will repair or replace your purchase anytime.

someone holding price tag on patagonia jacket

Patagonia makes quality products with an Ironclad Guarantee. If at any point you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to the store where you bought it or to Patagonia directly. You’ll be offered either a repair, replacement or refund.

In rare instances, you’ll have to pay for repairs if they’re due to normal wear and tear. But this really only applies to technical items, like wetsuits or waders.


13. Lululemon

someone facing away from the camera wearing a tanktop

Lululemon stands behind its products with its Quality Promise. If your workout clothes don’t perform for you, you can return them. As long as you’re within the ‘reasonable lifetime’ of the product.

The number of years for a ‘reasonable lifetime’ isn’t called out in stone. If you’re unsure if you’re in that window still, it’s worth getting in touch with them at 1-877-263-9300 to ask. You may be able to get your money back.

TIP: The Quality Promise doesn’t apply to items bought through Like New.

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14. Jansport will replace your backpack, but only under the right conditions.

jansport backpacks

Jansport does offer a warranty on its backpacks – but it’s limited. You can’t claim the warranty for normal wear-and-tear things like:

  • Rips.
  • Tears.
  • Abrasions.
  • UV degradation.
  • Damage caused by misuse or neglect to your pack.

But if you come across any of these problems, the warranty applies:

  • Problems with the zippers.
  • Poor workmanship on the seams.
  • Issues with buckles.
  • Defective fabric.
  • Poor workmanship on overall construction.

This warranty is for the lifetime of the backpack, not your lifetime. So while it’s nice that it’s there, it’s not the easiest warranty to claim.


15. Skullcandy has a limited warranty – but it’s worth it.

someone holding skullcandy headphone box

Skullcandy’s warranty only lasts for one year. But I’ve personally had to use this warranty more than once, so I feel like it’s an important one for you to know about.

If your earbuds or other Skullcandy headphones stop working properly within a year of use, simply submit a warranty claim and they’ll mail you a replacement. This year-long warranty also applies to power banks.

But other branded products like beanies, backpacks and cases? You only have 30 days to return those products if they’re not working right for you.


What are your favorite brand warranties? Have you ever successfully returned a product after you’ve loved on it for a long time? Leave your story in the comments!


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