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These Stores Have Ridiculously Long Return Windows

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Did you know there are some stores that allow you to make returns for literally FOREVER?

It’s wild, but true. I’ll show you some of the stores that offer the longest return policy windows. No one- or two-month restrictions here.

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1. There is no time limit on the Costco return policy.

Return merchandise counter at Costco

Truly! If you buy something at Costco and you’re at any point unsatisfied, you can return it even if it’s years later.

There are a couple of exceptions to the Costco return policy, but not many. If you’re buying electronics, you have 90 days to make your return. Items like alcohol and cigarettes will have return policies that reflect local regulations.


2. Make returns forever at Sam’s Club.

Customers standing in line, waiting to be helped at Sam's Club Customer service and returns counter.

The overarching Sam’s Club return policy also has no time constraints. You can make returns whenever.

There are more exceptions to the policy than there are at Costco, though:

  • 90 days for electronics.
  • 30 days for motorsports items and commercial heavy equipment.
  • 14 days for cell phones.
  • No returns on gift cards, prepaid cards, tickets, custom-made items, prescriptions and items purchased through the Sam’s Club Wholesale Trading Program.

Alcohol and cigarettes also have localized return policies just like Costco.


3. The Nordstrom return policy has no time constraints.

Returns sign and counter outside of a mall

The Nordstrom return policy is one of the best around. You can return any item at any time. You don’t need a receipt to make your return, and they offer curbside returns.

TIP: The Nordstrom return policy is not the same as the Nordstrom Rack return policy. Be sure to learn the differences.


4. There’s no time limit on the Patagonia, American Eagle, and Trader Joe’s return policies.

A shopping cart in the center of an aisle at Trader Joe's

Ranking up there for the return policies with the longest return window are Patagonia, American Eagle and Trader Joe’s. You can return items at these stores at any time – regardless of how long it’s been since you made your purchase.


5. You can return most items for a year at IKEA.

someone holding a costco receipt in front of a cart

If you’re making a return at IKEA, ideally you’ll live near a store so you can make your return in person. You can return most items for 365 days after purchase – as long as they’re unopened.

There are some exceptions to the year-long IKEA return policy. You have:

  • 180 days for opened items.
  • 90 days to exchange your mattress.
  • No returns on plants, cut fabric, custom countertops and products marked ‘as-is.’


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6. REI gives you a year to make returns – even for used items.

REI employee pulling shoes out of box at the return counter

REI’s return policy is incredibly generous. Not only can you return open items up to 365 days later, but they’ll even accept your return if the item is obviously used. Just know that while used is okay, dirty is not. Clean your items before you make your returns!

There are a couple exceptions to this timeline. You get:

  • 90 days to return electronics.
  • 30 days to return gear purchased through REI’s used program.
  • No returns for final sale items or items purchased at the REI Garage Sale.

TIP: Many stores have different return policies for their outlet stores. REI does not. You still get 365 days to make returns at REI outlets.


7. Zappos, Chewy, and L.L. Bean also have year-long return policies.

someone holding price tag on patagonia vest

These stores also give you 365 days to make returns:

  • L.L. Bean used to have a limitless time line for returns, but in 2018, it switched to one year. Currently, you can still make returns after one year, but only if it’s due to poor craftsmanship or defective materials.
  • Zappos includes free return shipping in its one-year return policy.
  • Chewy offers returns for one year. The only exception is prescription medications.



8. Walmart gives you one year to return some items.

potted plants at walmart

Purchasing a tree, shrubs or perennials at Walmart? You’ll have up to one year to make returns.

But for most items, the Walmart return policy gives you 90 days. The other exception to the 90-day return policy is a 30-day return window for electronics.


9. Return dead plants to Home Depot for up to a year.

A woman holding dead plants to return.

If you have a black thumb, you’ll want to check out Home Depot’s return policy. It allows you to return plants (except annuals) for up to a year – even if you’ve killed them.

For most other items, you can make returns for up to 90 days. But if you purchased online, you have up to six months.

There are few exceptions to the standard return policy window at Home Depot. One is for plants, but others include:

  • 30 days for unopened and untinted paint. Custom tinted paint can’t be returned at all.
  • 2 days for appliances – and only if they’re defective. Lowe’s has a much better return policy for appliances. Let’s take a look.


10. Lowe’s credit card holders get 365 days to make returns.

someone next to a lowes credit card at checkout

If you make a purchase on your Lowe’s credit card, you get a whole year to make returns! Everyone else only gets 90 days.

The Lowe’s return policy does have some exceptions, though. For example, like Walmart and Home Depot, everyone gets a year to return trees, shrubs and perennials. Whether you used a Lowe’s credit card to make your purchase or not.

Then there are the shorter time frames everyone must abide to regardless of their credit card status:

  • 30 days to return appliances. I told you it was way better than Home Depot!
  • 30 days to return paint.
  • 30 days to return outdoor power equipment. Unless it’s a Craftsman or Black & Decker product. Then you get the full 90 days.


11. DSW VIP Elite members get a full year to make returns.

someone holding a dsw gift card in dsw

But you have to spend $500 in a calendar year in order to reach Elite status. Otherwise the DSW return policy only gives you 90 days.


12. Kohl’s will take even your nasty returns for up to six months.

woman walking into kohls store

The Kohl’s return policy gives you a full 180 days to make your returns. And they’ll accept anything – your item can be used and dirty and they’ll still give you your money back. (Though I highly encourage you to practice good etiquette and make sure your items are clean.)

Premium electronics – like AirPods, speakers, and Fitbits – do need to be returned within 30 days. The other exception to the standard, six-month return policy is Sephora items you purchase at Kohl’s. Those have to be returned within 60 days.


13. Target RedCard members get 120 days to make returns.

a person holding a hamilton beach kettle box in line at target customer service

The standard on the Target return policy is 90 days. You can return items even if they’re used, worn or have holes in them – pretty impressive!

If you’re a RedCard member, the deal gets even sweeter. Any items purchased on a RedCard have a 120-day return window.


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14. JCPenney gives you 120 days to return mattresses.

mattresses laid out in a store

The standard JCPenney return policy gives you 90 days to make returns. Though technically, you can make returns after that. You just may not get a full refund. You’ll only be refunded the item’s lowest selling price over the last 45 days. And when you return after 90 days, you’ll only be able to get your refund via store credit.

Aside from mattresses, other items that deviate from the 90-day norm include:

  • 30 days for furniture.
  • 30 days for a full refund on Sephora purchases.
  • 60 days for a full refund via store credit on Sephora purchases.


15. Macy’s gives you 90 days – with a lot of exceptions.

Woman standing in line at the Macy's return counter.

You’ll have 90 days to return most items at Macy’s. The Macy’s return policy gives you a shorter time frame for:

  • Apple products – 14 days.
  • Area rugs – Seven days.
  • Dresses – 60 days.
  • Clearance items – 30 days.

Then there are some items you can’t return at all:

  • Mattresses.
  • Gift cards.
  • Food.
  • Gourmet gifts.
  • Beauty boxes.
  • Lamps.
  • Wall art.
  • Mirrors.
  • Furniture.



16. The Hobby Lobby return policy has a 90-day window.

People in line at the Refunds and Exchanges checkout register.

Hobby Lobby return policy gives shoppers a 90-day return window, which is a whole month longer than their competitor, Michael’s return policy.

TIP: Be careful when shopping online with Hobby Lobby. The return process can get complicated when it comes to brands like Cricut or Silhouette.


17. Dick’s Sporting Goods gives you 90 days for returns – with a lot of exceptions.

a man looking at a bike in the bike section of dicks sporting goods

Dick’s return policy technically has a 90-day return window. But hold onto your butts. There are a lot of exceptions.

You’ll only have seven days to return these items:

  • Nike Adapt shoes.
  • Pre-owned items.
  • Demo items.
  • Refurbished items.

Bikes can be returned within 24 hours of purchase, and there’s a 30-day return policy on Theragun and Hyperice products.

Then there’s a whole slew of items you can’t return after you’ve broken the factory seal:

  • Baseball and softball bats.
  • Football helmets.
  • Electric scooters.
  • Electric bikes.
  • Face coverings.
  • Ice rinks.

And there are even more items you just can’t return ever. Period. There are so many carve outs in Dick’s return policy that if you’re making a big purchase, you’ll really want to research the return policy for the individual product before assuming you’ll get the full 90 days.


18. These stores also have a 90-day return policy.

woman standing next to bath and body works clearance sign

Some other honorable mentions that have return policies with a 90 day window include:

  • Bath & Body Works. You can make exchanges any time. It doesn’t have to be within the 90-day window. But if you want your money back, be sure to get yourself back into the store within three months.
  • Land’s End.
  • Bloomingdale’s.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Autozone.


Okay, story time. What’s the longest you’ve waited before successfully completing a return? Let us know how long and which store in the comments!


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