Apple is one of my favorite companies…period. My writing and nonprofit work is supported through my MacBook Pro and iPhone. When I travel, I use my iOS apps to keep me organized (and sane) while away from home. Best of all, Apple supports my family and best friends—they are a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue, teacher-friendly company—as is proved with their Volume Purchase Program, Discount App Program, and other programs the company has created specifically to support educators.

Go Apple!

If you’re a teacher, or you know a teacher, be sure to let them know Apple has programs to support their tireless efforts in the classroom.

Where the savings are

  • Price: The range of prices for apps can be anywhere from free to $10 or more. Most apps range between $0.99-$1.99. As long as apps are purchased in sets of 20 or more, a 50% discount is ensured.
  • Time: By appointing staff members to manage the program and using Apple’s device management and installation program (for both school-owned and wireless devices), minimum time is spent on program admin so more time can be spent on teaching and learning.
  • Legal: One specific challenge educators face is to stay legal with licensing and fees while equipping students with the tools they need to learn. Apple’s discount program makes apps available to even the most cash-strapped schools at a price that they can afford—and ensures all licensing is compliant.

Learn everything you need to know to get set up and participate in Apple’s program.

1. Learn more about the Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program)

2. There are three basic parts to the Apple VPP

  • Teachers get discounted and free iOS and Mac apps. Apps can be used by administrators and teachers and distributed to students.
  • Education institutions and educational developers get a half-price discount for purchases of 20 or more apps.
  • Get great iBooks discounts through the Apple bookstore. From children’s literature to the classics for teens, textbooks to reference books, digital books are also on the menu with the VPP.

3. How to enroll in Apple’s VPP

There are just a few steps to get set up as a VPP institution (school or school district) if your institution isn’t already enrolled.

  • Fill out the “Apple Deployment Program” form or call 1-800-800-2775 and a representative will help you enroll.
  • Select which Educator program(s) you want to enroll in: Device Enrollment, Volume Purchase, Apple ID for Students.
  • Select a staff contact who will administer the program.
  • Select staff members and teachers who can purchase and distribute content.
  • You can then use PayPal, a credit card, an Apple gift card, or VPP credits to purchase content from the Apple VPP educator store.
  • Finally, you can choose how to distribute content—either through codes, credits, or streaming.
Apple's Discount Program for Educators: Get Teaching Apps at Half Price