I swear I’m not a hoarder—I just like the look of a closet filled with clothes. But that’s the thing–my closet only looks fashion fabulous. In actuality, it isn’t. I’m pretty sure I still have a size 4 pair of jeans I used to wear back in college, but I just can’t seem to get rid of them because I secretly hope they’ll fit me again. Half of my closet is this way; I either look bloated or have simply changed my mind about some trendy style I thought I could pull off. The new year has brought a new sense of reality to my life: get organized or actually become a hoarder.

I decided to implement a system in my household that has helped me get rid of unused clothing in the past. I simply place all my clothes hangers facing one direction, then when I wear an article of clothing, I switch the orientation of the hanger. Doing this allows me to reevaluate what I really wear versus what just takes up space in my closet. After at least 3 months, I’m able determine what to part with. But it’s important to be true to yourself. Get rid of those old jeans that no longer fit. Instead, make money by selling them and anything else you find you don’t wear to a consignment shop so you can buy garments you’ll actually enjoy!


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