Who doesn't love all the beautiful leaves in the fall? I just can't stop myself from collecting handfuls of them. This year I went for a walk with my children and we had a great time finding all sorts of interesting leaves, and with our new treasures we created some really lovely leaf rubbings. I was surprised how much all of my children enjoyed doing this project—but even more surprised how much I enjoyed it!


Frame (optional)


1. Use leaves that are still somewhat fresh or that have been pressed flat. With the stems and veins facing up, place a piece of paper over the leaf.

2. Using the flat side of the crayon, rub over the leaf. This is a great use for all those stubby crayons that no one likes to use. With various leaves and crayon colors, position the leaves in different spots under your paper working with one leaf at a time. We liked how the darker colors turned out best.

3. Continue rubbing until you have created a lovely collage of leaves and colors!

DIY: Kid-Friendly Leaf-Rubbing Art