It seems to be that time of year when we are all trying to get more organized. Here are a couple fun ways to repurpose Tic Tac containers. If you are feeling crafty, spice up these little containers with some favorite scrapbook paper, washi tape or ribbon. The possibilities are endless, but here are five ideas to get you started!

  1. Bobby pins. No matter how hard I try, my bobby pins seem to disappear faster than you can say “Krazy Coupon Lady.” Thank goodness Tic Tac containers are the perfect size to keep them organized and in one place. Plus, tossing them in a makeup bag or purse is easy and painless.
  2. Camping spice holders. Packing for camping can be a major ordeal. Fill up Tic Tac containers with favorite spices to keep with camping supplies. One less thing to remember to pack!
  3. Craft supplies. Beads, brads, ribbon…oh my! Use a Tic Tac container to keep all those tiny craft supplies neat and organized.
  4. Gardening seeds.
  5. Candy! Fill with favorite candy and throw in your purse!

Materials Needed:

  • Empty Tic Tac containers
  • Hot water or adhesive remover
  • Craft supplies (optional)


  1. Rinse out containers and decorate how desired.
  2. Fill!
  3. Tip: Hot water gets the adhesive off with a little scrubbing. Adhesive remover makes it go faster, but it is not necessary!
New Uses for Old Tic Tac Containers -- Get Organized!