Sometimes when I’m shopping for toilet paper, I’m tempted into thinking the stuff is made from sliver instead of trees. It is so pricey!

In the past, I always bought my toilet paper at Walmart and my local grocery store. I looked for the cheapest stuff on the shelf and hoped I was getting a decent deal.

It had never crossed my mind to buy TP at an office supply store. Then  I figured it out. Now I spend as little as pennies a roll:

  • Enroll in the Staples Rewards program and get 5 percent off everything you purchase. You’ll shave a few sheets off the toilet paper bill and save on ink cartridges and paper (with coupons).
  • Speaking of ink cartridges, don’t toss them! Take them to Staples and earn $2.00 in rewards for each one you recycle (up to 10 per month). If you print a lot of coupons, those ink cartridge recycling rewards will add up. It’s like exchanging a used ink cartridge for a $2.00 coupon for your toilet paper—and you’re not limited to one per purchase.
  • Wait for a sale. Every 4 to 6 weeks, Staples offers Charmin Basic 16 double roll packs for $5.00–$6.00. These regularly cost $10.00. It may not be the best toilet paper on the market, but it works. Anything more expensive and it’s like flushing money down the toilet (Lame joke alert).
  • Use a coupon. Every month in the P&G coupon insert there’s typically a coupon for a Charmin product. Lately, it’s just been $0.25 off of one. “Like” the Charmin Facebook page for coupon promotions. A few weeks ago I was able to snag a coupon for $1.00 off one Charmin Basic product. Also, keep an eye out in magazines, and be sure to sign up for all the P&G samples and mailers as they almost always come with good Charmin coupons.

Now, put your Staples Rewards 5 percent discount, ink cartridge recycling rewards, sale price, and coupon together to get an excellent deal on toilet paper.

Here is what my last transaction looked like a few weeks ago:

  • $12.00 for two packs of Charmin Basic 16 double roll (32 regular rolls)
  • $0.60 Staples Rewards 5 percent discount
  • $2.00 for two $1/1 Charmin coupons
  • $8.00 for four Ink Cartridge Recycling rewards

Total: $1.40

That is less than a nickel for each regular roll and only $1.40 for two packs that would regularly cost $20.00. I don’t know about you, but that is almost as good as free to me! By the time I need more tissue, I usually have accumulated a decent amount of ink cartridge rewards and the toilet paper will go on sale again. Now, I never have to cringe while paying $5.00 or more for 12 rolls of store brand toilet paper.

This has been a guest post by Jennifer from Pelzer, SC
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