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Our Spring Cleaning Challenge Is On: Here's Where to Start

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Are you ready to tackle some early spring cleaning in your home this month? We know it can be a daunting task, but trust us, the satisfaction of having a clean and organized living space is worth it. And in an attempt to make it fun, we’ve turned it into a challenge. Let’s make March the month of a clean home, together!

Here’s the deal: the goal is to tackle one cleaning task each day for the entire month. When you look at our schedule below, you’ll see we gave you weekends off, but make this calendar work for you. If Saturday and Sunday is when you have the most time to tackle cleaning projects, move things around as you need.

You’ll find that we’ve tried to break chores down into achievable tasks. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of doing a deep clean within just a couple days. The idea is to make small progress each day and by the end of the month, you’ll have a spotless home. So, are you in? Let’s do this!

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Week No. 1 (March 1 – 3): Getting Started

person cleaning cuisinart coffee maker with water-vinegar solution

We’re going to ease into the challenge because March mercifully starts on a Wednesday in 2023. That means three days of tasks before taking the weekend off, if you like.

March 1

Let’s give this Spring Cleaning challenge a jolt. Clean your coffee maker. We have some great tips for cleaning models from the following brands:

March 2

Keep it clean in the kitchen. Give your glass stovetop a good shine. If you don’t have a glass stovetop, try using this super easy method to clean your microwave with vinegar.

March 3

Tackle your beloved air fryer with a good clean. No air fryer? No problem. Choose another kitchen appliance to receive a spiffy once-over. If you need inspiration, look to tips #s 1, 3, and 5 for inspiration (cleaning your microwave, knife block, or wood cutting boards, respectively) in our deep cleaning hacks article.

march cleaning challenge week one graphic

Week one shopping list printable


Week No. 2 (March 6 – 10): Giving the Kitchen More TLC

Person cleaning a stove

Typically, the kitchen is the busiest room in any home. So we’re zeroing in on some of its hot spots to make it shine.

March 6

If you have any stainless steel appliances, you know how much the material loves fingerprints and other grime. Bring stainless steel back to life in the kitchen with these tips.

March 7

There’s a mighty strong chance your oven can use some lovin’. We like these 12 oven cleaning hacks to give yours a fresh glow-up.

March 8

Go through your fridge and cupboards, removing anything that is expired based on what we know about expiration dates.

March 9

Before we leave the kitchen, use these dishwasher hacks to clean so. many. things.

March 10

And, now, give that old workhorse of a dishwasher an interior wash (with vinegar!).

march cleaning challenge week two graphic

week two shopping list printable



Week No. 3 (March 13 – 17): We’re Halfway There

a person using a swifter on hardwood floors

After spending a lot of time in the kitchen, let’s move on to the living room or family room. If it’s warm enough, open the windows and let some fresh air in.

March 13

It’s time to give the piece de resistance (your flat screen TV) a glow-up in a few easy steps.

March 14

Spruce up the hardwood floors in your house with our simple tips for a professional-like finish.

March 15

Organize that pile of shoes hanging out in your entryway. And, better yet, implement these cleaning hacks on your family’s footwear:

March 16

Walls collect dirt, too. If your walls are coated in flat paint, use these tips to clean flat paint walls.

March 17

If you have a Squishmallow collection, you’ve gotta give ’em some love. Here’s how to easily wash Squishmallows.

march cleaning challenge week three graphic



Week No. 4 (March 20 – 24): Time to Address the Bedroom

This week we’re headed towards the rest of the house, including all of those everyday personal items you use (but likely rarely clean).

March 20

Let’s hit the bedroom. First up, clean your mattress.

March 21

Use a humidifier? It’s time to give that a good cleaning.

March 22

Go through your closet and make a keep, donate or sell pile. Not sure where to sell clothes? Try these resale sites.

March 23

If you’re staring at unsightly carpet stains, try removing them with Dawn Dish Soap hack #13 from our handy post.

March 24

Address a night table, vanity, or makeup station, making sure you clean the following:

march cleaning challenge week four graphic


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Week No. 5 (March 27 – 31): Let’s Wrap This Up

person using microfiber cloth to wipe car seat

We’ll close out our month of spring cleaning by making that the bathroom sparkle, doing a little organizing, and getting your car look as good as new.

March 27

The bathroom needs a good polish, and now’s the time. Use these bathroom cleaning hacks to make the job easier.

March 28

No one really needs an excuse to go to the dollar store, but we’re going to give you one anyway. Use our dollar store organization hacks to pick up some supplies that will help you organize a space typically considered a clutter zone.

March 29

When was the last time you washed you reusable grocery bags? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Give these a good cleaning. You can either throw them in the washing machine or wash by hand with a disinfectant like Lysol. Look to Tip #6 in this article.

March 30

If you have kids, chances are your car seats are filthy. And if you don’t, your seats may still be a haven for dirt and debris. Clean ’em safely with these tips.

March 31

Use our car cleaning hacks to get the rest of your vehicle sparkling from the inside out.

march cleaning challenge week five graphic


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