‘Twas 25 days before Christmas and all through the store,
Non-couponing consumers continued purchasing gifts galore.
When they arrived home and tucked their presents under the tree,
They looked in their wallets and exclaimed, “holy moly!”

Visions of precious dollars exiting their bank accounts danced through their heads,
So they looked to The Krazy Coupon Lady and here’s what she said:

“Now, friends, family and all shoppers in company,
There’s a better way to start saving your money.
Just look to my calendar right here,
And rejoice in your savings when you follow these 27 Days of Couponing Cheer!”

1. Download Ibotta.

This is contemporary couponing at its greatest!

2. Text COUPON to 827438.

Don’t be nervous–they’re just coupons via text! Here are some tips:

  • Text coupons may cost you a fee each time you receive one, such as 5 cents. If you have unlimited texting, no worries!
  • Don’t delete the text coupon until it expires. Some coupon codes don’t expire, or you can use them more than once before they expire.
  • Some stores allow you to use your text coupon in addition to other manufacturer coupons and in-store promotions. Just ask!
  • If you have any questions or problems with your text coupon, reply to the text with the word ‘HELP.’ Most programs allow you to easily unsubscribe by replying to the text with the word ‘STOP.’

3. Download Cartwheel.

If you don’t already use Target’s super app for savings, you’re in for a treat!

4. Redeem one 50% off Cartwheel toy offer.

Save 50% on a different toy each day from 11/1 – 12/24 using Cartwheel at Target! Check out our Target page daily for toy details or go directly to Cartwheel’s Toys and Sports page.

5. Text BABY to 827438.

Your wallet (and baby’s bottom) will thank you.

6. Print a coupon from Coupons.com.

We’ve even alphabetized their coupons for you in our Coupon Database!

7. Print a coupon from Target.com.

If you’re a coupon newbie, we suggest starting your savings adventures at Target. Print one of their store coupons here.

8. Visit the KCL Target page.

WARNING! You will be addicted to checking this page daily (or hourly)!

9. Read Target 101 and Target’s coupon policy on KCL.

A store’s coupon policy is a couponer’s best friend.

10. Stack a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon.

The art of stacking coupons is a beautiful thing.

11. Submit a Brag.

Oh, we know how you feel after scoring a huge deal. It’s totally okay to show off your savings in our Brags section! In fact, we encourage some braggadocio.

12. Watch KCL’s Target video.

This may just change your life: 15 Target Couponing Tips & Shopping Secrets Revealed.

13. Download Checkout 51.

14. Download Snap.

15. Download Shopmium.

16. Shop for one item with a rebate app.

No coupon clipping required! Simply browse through the offers posted in Ibotta, Checkout 51, Snap and Shopmium, then start shopping.

17. Submit a rebate.

These days, receipts aren’t just for returns. Save them to get cash back when you use Ibotta, Checkout 51, Snap and Shopmium!

18. Read 10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady.

Trust me–being krazy is a good thing.

19. Sign up for the KCL newsletter.

Never miss a deal, coupon or freebie again!

20. Choose a gift card promo to shop on Tuesday.

You’ll frequently spot gift card promotions in most drugstores and Target. Stack these promotions with coupons for even more savings!

21. Download the Amazon app.

This is the secret to price matching more efficiently!

22. Price match a Christmas present.

Save yourself some time—and money—this holiday shopping season by price matching. It’s way easier than you think!

23. Download BerryCart.

Who says you can’t find coupons for organic foods?! Stay healthy and save money with this new app!

24. Resist impulse trip to Toys “R” Us at 8 PM.

Stay home and indulge in some homemade hot cocoa with the kiddos instead!

25. Eat enough to make you sick.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the KCL family!

26. Shop after-Christmas clearance.

We’ll be posting clearance deals all day, so stay tuned!

27. Visit any other store page on KCL.

Saving money in 2015 has never looked so good! What store will you start saving at next? We’d love to help you save at one of these stores!

27 Day Couponing Challenge