It’s true — our beloved Cartwheel app as we know it, is going away.

Now, before you lose your mind over this, rest assured that yes, you’ll still have access to Cartwheel offers.

But yes, it’s also true that eventually there won’t be as many offers. And while you may already know about the Cartwheel app going away, you might not realize how much Target could become like Walmart by dialing back Cartwheel offers and replacing them with “every day low prices.”


First things first: the Cartwheel app is merging with the Target mobile app.

I mean, I love the idea of streamlining the Cartwheel and Target apps. No reason to have two apps!

When you open the Target app today, you’ll notice that on the home screen there are Cartwheel categories. From here, things look just like they do in the Cartwheel app.

Target is still rolling out this change, so you might be able to use the new Target mobile app to get the Cartwheel deals (for now).

If you’re in the Target app and you get redirected over to the Cartwheel app, rest assured, eventually you’ll need to access the offers inside the Target app.


Target is moving from promotions to “Everyday Low Prices.”

Earlier this year, Target announced a move away from promotions toward “everyday low prices” — sound like anyone else we know?

Target, in the past, has set their focus on gift card promotions and sales, or Cartwheel coupons to add value for shoppers.

Executives say that Target is now moving in a direction similar to Walmart by offering more of an everyday low price. <Insert eyeroll emoji.>

We’ve already seen the “everyday low price” signage in stores as well as a small, but measured decrease in gift card promotions.

In a conference call with investors earlier this year, Target CEO Brian Cornell said, “In the second quarter [of 2017] and beyond, we will continue to invest in our regular prices and reinforce our everyday positioning…” He continued, “An important part of that work is to adjust our promotional posture on those items and categories so they better support that everyday message.”



Target, you’re not Walmart. (And we love that about you!)

There’s not another store out there where you can go in for cat food, toilet paper and body wash and walk out with three new shirts, a swimming suit, two pairs of shoes and a new purse.

This is good business for Target! Heck — I’d pay more to shop at Target for the experience, over saving three cents at Walmart. But if Target takes the deals away? Now I have to decide if the red carts are worth it.

It ain’t broken, Target; don’t fix it!



Give me my red carts and deals upon deals upon deals.

We are couponers.

Target knows we are often in-store for just for the deals, but the data shows that we tend to grab a thousand other items while we’re there. So, we’re a valuable segment of the Target shopper population.

If these changes concern you, speak up on Target’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. If Target changed its deal-oriented structure for a move toward everyday low prices, would you feel more or less likely to shop there?


We will keep you updated with the latest news.

We have your back, and we’ve got our radar up. We will continue to keep a close eye on this and will let you know any updates.

We’re here to help you shop smarter at one of our favorite stores — even if that means telling them “nope” when they want to make a change that won’t benefit us (or them).


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