Have you ever wondered how to get your family involved with your couponing efforts? The secret is in one term: "WIFFM." This marketing acronym has been around for decades and stands for "what's in it for me"? If you can show each of your family members what they can gain from participating in couponing, chances are you'll get them hooked.

In today's world, most families have evolved into the digital era. Smart phones, iPads and tablets are the norm among parents and children. Fortunately, the coupon industry has advanced into this tech age, too. While newspaper coupons are still a valuable source of savings, we're seeing a big movement towards online, printable coupons and the digitalization of coupons. Nowadays, you can access a coupon website and have access to thousands of coupons in an instant and print them in seconds. These digital methods of couponing are quick and easy. They're also your ticket to getting your family involved.

Here are a few tips on how family members can personally benefit from becoming involved in the coupon process.

1. Preschoolers

What preschooler doesn't love printing from the computer? I spend a few minutes each day in the Krazy Coupon Lady database looking for new printable coupons. When I find a coupon I want, I ask my little helper to click the print button. Once printed, we use our scissors and start cutting. This is great practice and makes my little guy feel involved. When you're done cutting the coupons out, count together how many he/she just clipped. It's a great way to incorporate math into a daily routine and at the same time, your little one is having fun spending time with you.

2. Elementary schoolers

By the time your kiddos are in elementary school, they are at a great age to start using coupons. I don't mean making your kids go to the register to use them. I'm suggesting that you give your child 5-10 coupons for their favorite products. While you're in the store shopping, encourage your child to find the items that are printed on their coupons. Teach them how to match the identical product with the picture on the coupon. Depending on their age, you may even teach them to read the fine print and match. For example, if the coupon is for a 6-count box of granola bars, make sure that your child reads and knows to look for the right sized box. This makes this part of the coupon process a game and will engage your kids. In the end, you'll have a happy child who has landed some of his/her favorite goodies.

3. Middle and high schoolers

These are some of the best ages to gain an appreciation of a coupon's value. My son recently needed new baseball cleats. Before we went to the store, he logged on to a coupon site to check if there were any coupon codes. He found a code for 20% off his purchase and used it at checkout. He saved $5.00! In our family, anytime a child saves money by using coupons, we give them the amount saved to keep. My son gained an extra $5.00 and was happy to collect!

4. Husbands

If your husband is like mine, he supports your couponing efforts but refers to it as a hobby. I'm saving you how much a year and you call it a hobby?! My advice to get your man active in couponing is to show him the savings over time. Once he sees the savings, he may get excited. If the savings on the receipt isn't motivation enough for him, hand him a list and a stack of coupons. Once he purchases the items from the list, sees the real price, then sees how much the coupons save him firsthand, chances are he'll be hooked!

I look at any coupon as money in my pocket, and if I can get my family's help in collecting and using them, I will. I have found that the easiest way to keep each family member involved is by always showing them how they'll benefit. If I can get help couponing and add to our family savings, great. Now, with the help of my family, more free time will open up for me. That's my WIFFM.

How I Got My Whole Family to Love Coupons