The month of January ushers in a brand-new year…and a whopping number of New Year's resolutions. The most common resolutions tend to include getting fit and healthy (and losing weight). So you’ll see a lot of great deals, coupons and savings in these areas this month.

Also, February 1, 2015, is Super Bowl Sunday (a great excuse to "forget" your diet resolutions for the day if we've ever heard of one!). So savings here will be split between January and February (January will focus on incentive coupons and February on clearance pricing).

Read on for more insider tips on how to score deep discounts and savings in January!

On stockpiling savings

This fabulous video series introduces both new and experienced couponers to the art of scoring "cheapest of the whole year" deals by watching the monthly sales.

Stockpile these items

The categories are in bold and the items that follow are just intended as examples—use them as your guide as you coupon, save and stockpile.

  • National Oatmeal Month: All types are on sale this month; from quick, old-fashioned, rolled and steel-cut oats, to ready-to-cook oatmeal packets and even oatmeal granola bars.
  • National Cervical Health Awareness Month: Look for free cervical cancer screenings at local clinics and drugstores.
  • National Peanut Butter Day (January 24th, sponsored by the National Peanut Board): Keep an eye out for coupons for peanut butter and related products.
  • Diet Foods: Score discounts on cereal, frozen entrees, meal and granola bars, diet shakes/drinks, Healthy Choice, South Beach, Lean Cuisine, Special K, Kashi, Smart Start, 100 Calorie Packs and diet aids (shakes, weight scales, diet cookbooks, exercise equipment and weights).
  • Organization aids: January is a great month to get organized, so look for savings on shelving, plastic tubs and containers, labels and other organizational helps.
  • Super Bowl Sunday: Soda, chips, dips, cheese, sandwich items, crackers, snacks, wings, cut fruit and veggie trays are all prominently advertised in January.
  • Seasonal Produce: Enjoy great prices on fresh oranges, pears, grapefruit, tangerines, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, collards, kale, kiwi, avocado, cabbage and spinach.
  • Holiday clearance: Everything "Christmas" is officially on clearance—including decorations, toys, lights, stocking stuffers, artificial trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, gift bows and New Year's party supplies (noise makers, hats, party favors, wines, sparkling juices and more).
  • Winter Health: Look for deals on cold medicines and vitamins, cough syrup and more.
  • Bicycles: The holidays are over, and everyone who is getting a new bike as a gift has probably received one…hence the sales.
  • Paint: If your home needs a touch-up, this is not prime season for it, so you can cash in on discounts on paint, primer and painting supplies during the slow season.
  • Pools and pool supplies: Swimming in January? Unlikely unless you live in the tropics—but it’s a great month to snap up pools (underground and above ground), Jacuzzis, hot tubs and savings on pool supplies!
  • New furniture: Many furniture manufacturers release new lines in February, making January the month to snap up savings on last year's models (and if you miss the deals this month, try again in July).
  • Linens and carpeting: Bedding and linens and new carpeting are common purchases when relatives are arriving to stay. But everyone's gone in January, and what’s left goes on sale. Keep your eyes peeled for "white sales."
  • Men's suits: As long as you don't need something extra formal (here, think 'tuxedo'), January is a great month to pick up a few nice new suits at a discount. 

Don’t stockpile these items yet

February ushers in a fresh, new round of once-a-year savings. So don't buy these items in January. Instead, wait 30 days and watch their prices drop!

  • National Canned Food Month: Wait until February to score deals on canned fruit, vegetables, pie fillings, soups, and meats.
  • Super Bowl clearance: Look for rock bottom clearance prices on soda pop, chips, dips, cheese, sandwich items, crackers, snacks, wings, cut fruit and veggie trays.
  • National Hot Breakfast Month: Oatmeal Month is over, but Hot Breakfast Month is beginning. Score savings on oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, frozen waffles, syrup, waffle & pancake mix, hash browns, bacon and sausage
  • Valentine's Day: ‘Tis the month of love—find deals on boxed and bar chocolate, lubricants & KY jelly, perfume, cards, stuffed animals, gift sets, wine/sparkling cider, flower arrangements, candles and more.
  • Seasonal Produce: February is the month for fresh artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, collards, grapefruit, kale, oranges, parsnips, pears, potatoes and turnips.
  • Gaming gear: Video game consoles and video games are often price-reduced in February since new models traditionally arrive in early summer.
  • Winter apparel: Winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, wool socks, boots—all must go before spring (which can arrive as early as March in some areas).
  • Motorcycles: If you’re in the market, wait until January's "bicycle mania" ends and you will start to see deals on motorcycles instead.
  • Formal dresses: If your daughter plans to attend prom in May, you might be able to snap up the perfect dress, shoes and accessories as early as February. 

Curious about upcoming stockpile savings?

If you can't wait to find out more about how 2015 will shape up in terms of stockpile savings, this post will give you the inside tips you're looking for!


What to Stockpile in January