Amazing things happen when you’re a KCL! One thing I love is when total strangers stop me in the store and ask how much money I’ve saved by couponing or how long it’s taken me to accumulate all my coupons. Just last week I was approached by a man and his wife while I was checking out the canned tuna! He asked, “How long did it take you to fill up that notebook of coupons?” I told him that I had been couponing for three years and the binder was a result of all that time. His next inquiry,”How do you get so many coupons?” I bet you’ve been asked these same questions. If you aren’t sure what to say, here are some suggestions on how to convey the essence of couponing in a matter of minutes!

1. Be approachable

The way you respond to a stranger will determine how they perceive couponing! Most likely they’ll remember your response when deciding whether couponing is worth their time and effort. Even if you’re in a hurry, take the time to be kind, enthusiastic and encouraging! Remember, a smile is a great conversation starter!

2. Suggest the Sunday paper

When the man in the grocery store approached me with his question, I knew what he really wanted was the quickest and easiest route to saving money with coupons. The Sunday paper is a great resource for those who want a variety of coupons all in one place. Everyone knows where the Sunday paper is sold, but they may not know that money-saving coupons are neatly tucked within the news package. Encourage them to check out the inserts and to start collecting those valuable coupons!

3. Refer them to

Informing newbies about a great resource like is always exciting. I mean, who wouldn’t love instant access to coupons online? It’s an easy site to remember, and setting up the coupon-printing software is a cinch. Here’s a recent article with a great introduction to using

4. Share your coupons

The best way to introduce newbies to couponing is by giving them the opportunity to start saving right away. Ask the stranger what kind of beverage he or she drinks, then share a coupon from your binder with them. Having a coupon for something they regularly purchase will show them instant savings. Don’t overwhelm newbies with the many layers of couponing. Keep it simple and to the point—the newbie will remember that!

5. Suggest a time frame for success

Let the person know that couponing is a process and to start small—but also to be consistent. We all know that frustrations and mistakes can occur, but the good thing about couponing is that we can easily learn from those mistakes! By using some of the above suggestions, a newbie can start to build a small collection of coupons, have success at basic transactions, and start to learn a different way of shopping!
5 Tips for Showing a Stranger How to Coupon