Casual couponers browse their newspaper coupon inserts, clip the coupons they think they'll use, then place the rest in the recycle bin. But as a Krazy Couponer, keeping all the coupons has great advantages!

Here at KCL, we recommend that you keep all or the most of your coupons until they expire. You don't necessarily have to clip every coupon. Many Krazy Couponers clip coupons for the products they are likely to buy and file the rest of the inserts into sheet protectors or gallon zip bags marked with the date of the inserts. If a stellar moneymaker comes up and the coupon isn’t clipped, find it by the insert date listed in our matchups, and cut it out while you make your shopping list.

Holding on to coupons, even for products you don't personally use, can be beneficial. You can donate items you get for cheap or free, like glucose monitors to retirement centers; toys to shelters; non-perishables to food banks, soup kitchens, or needy neighbors; pet food to animal shelters; etc. Also, swapping coupons with friends or family for products you don't use benefits you both.

The Value of Keeping Coupon Inserts