Today’s DIY “Frozen Treasures” is so simple and inexpensive, and it will provide hours of entertainment for your kiddos. With hot summer days just a blink away, this activity will keep your child’s little hands busy as well as frosty and cool!

To create Frozen Treasures, here is what you will need:

  • One large plastic bin. You can find these at dollar and discount stores or most likely have one around the home.
  • Small plastic toys such as cars, dinosaurs, blocks, etc. They should be waterproof!
  • Food coloring or water color paints.
  • “Tools” such as toothbrushes, child safe hammers, and spoons.

Here is what you do!

  • Fill the plastic container with water.
  • Add in the small toys.
  • Place in the freezer. Wait 15 minutes, then add some splashes of food coloring or water color paint. Note: if you don’t wait until the water is starting to freeze then your colors will all mix and turn into a big brown tub of water. Wait until it is starting to freeze to keep your colors from running together.
  • One the water is frozen solid, remove from the freezer.
  • Using the tools, your child can “dig” and “excavate” for their treasures and dinos! You can also give them cups of warm water to help melt the ice, or water colors to continue to paint the ice!

It will take hours for this block of ice to melt, creating long lasting fun! Your kids will love digging and chipping away at the ice to try to get to the treasures, and the ice will cool them off at the same time. This hands on activity will pique their imagination as well as strengthen their fine motor skills.

So grab a bin, fill it up, and get in on the fun!

Thanks Counting Coconuts!

DIY: Frozen Treasures Summer Excavation Activity!