Personally, I am a huge fan of swapping—recently, I loaned my sound system to a friend for her wedding, then a friend loaned me her extra computer while mine was getting fixed. My mom and I regularly shop out of each others’ closets, and more than half the furniture in my house is the result of a trade or swap. Once I even loaned out my car while I was on vacation—to a friend who watched my two pets during the time I was away.

Happily, to make borrowing, swapping and trading even easier, today's swap enthusiasts have moved online, and there are all kinds of new web-based ways to swap, borrow, rent and save on what you need. Check out these seven simple swap sites, and start saving on what you need in the New Year!

7 Simple swap sites

Each of these awesome swap sites give you the opportunity to find (or unload) nearly anything—from clothing to DVDs, electronics to services, one of these sites is bound to have what you’re looking for (or someone who is looking for exactly what you have!)

1. Swap It Green

Swap It Green is as simple as it gets—an online yard sale to replace, well, the ones in your yard! No more mushed grass and aching muscles. No more strangers poking around in your garage. Now, trade items you no longer need to those who do need them, keep useful goods out of landfills, and help people and the planet at the same time.

  • What it costs: Free to join and trade, but there is a small transaction fee for shipping items to the other party (any fees are handled through Amazon and PayPal).
  • How it works: All you do is create your free account, list your items, and begin swapping. You can list (or find) nearly anything on Swap It Green, except for prohibited items (anything the U.S. Postal service won't permit: weapons, real estate, animals, etc.).

2. Dig N’ Swap

Dig N’ Swap focuses on clothing and accessories. You can update your wardrobe for pennies—and help others do the same.

  • What it costs: Free to join and search; there’s a $0.99 transaction fee when a trade is concluded. Also, you must pay for the shipping of items you sell (items you buy will be shipped to you for free).
  • How it works: All you have to do is create your free account, upload photos of your items, and begin trading. If you have ever placed bids on eBay, you will catch on quickly here!

3. Mobile Swap

While cell phone contracts are no longer the gold standard, and some companies will pay down your contract if you decide to switch, there are still many cases where you may find yourself stuck with a mobile plan you no longer want. Mobile Swap can help.

  • What it costs: 100% free.
  • How it works: To get out your contract, just post your contract details and wait for a taker. To find a contract (and get perks in the process), just fill in the details of what you’re looking for and wait for a taker.

4. Rehash

Rehash offers you a way to swap the clothes, books and accessories you don't need for items you do need. The site's name, "Rehash," upholds a green-friendly society where items are swapped rather than trashed, helping the Earth and each other.

  • What it costs: Totally free to use. Shipping is your responsibility when you are the "seller."
  • How it works: Create your free profile, then start "rehashing" (listing, swapping and trading).

5. Swap Ace

Swap Ace is a truly international community (more than 150 countries are represented amongst the site's 200,000+ users).

  • What it costs: Free to register and use.
  • How it works: You can choose to buy and sell, trade or swap. First, create your free profile, and then you can list items you have to sell/swap and browse for items you want.

6. Shared Earth

Shared Earth is pretty, well…amazing. Have you ever wanted to start your own garden but didn't have the space? Have you ever despaired of using up your extra land for a beneficial purpose? Shared Earth makes wishes into reality.

  • What it costs: Nothing at all.
  • How it works: Just create your free profile (via Facebook), identify yourself as a gardener seeking land, or a gardener with land to offer, and browse listings to find a good match.

7. Trash Bank

Trash Bank may not have the snazziest name, but the site has been operating successfully since 2005 to help facilitate swaps, bartering, purchases and sales. From travel to jewelry, services to electronics, collectibles to vehicles, Trash Bank has it all.


7 Swap Sites to Help You Save Time, Cash and Even the Planet!