Look, Black Friday is the freaking best for a LOT of things. But for certain products, believe it or not, there are better sales out there.

Here’s what not to buy on Black Friday (and when to buy it instead):


1. Bedding: Buy in January.

Know what tradition is older than Black Friday? The White Sale. No, really — they date back to 1878.

JCPenney offers up to 70% savings on bedding during their White Sale in January. JCPenney’s Black Friday sales do come close with around 60% off, but it’s a pretty narrow selection.

Knowing that bedding practically has its own shopping holiday frees you up to focus on better Black Friday deals.


2. Christmas decor: Buy the day after Christmas

I know, you really need those ornaments NOW — but if you hang on, there are serious deals (like 70-90% off) in the days and weeks after Christmas. You’ll be set for next year!


3. Treadmills: Buy in February.

Last year Sears advertised the Proform Crosswalk 415 treadmill at the “lowest price” of $399 during Black Friday. But a couple of months later, I found the exact same treadmill at the Sears Outlet for $359.99.

For fitness equipment, get past Black Friday and all those New Year’s Resolutions to see prices drop.


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4. Gift cards: Buy in January.

We all get gift cards we don’t want. Thankfully, Raise and Gift Card Granny will buy them so you can get a gift card to someplace you really want to shop.

After Christmas, there’s sure to be a glut of unwanted gift cards — and you can get them for a percentage off their loaded value!



5. Name-brand TVs: Buy around the Super Bowl.

When you think “Black Friday,” you think electronics, right? This is true for attention-getting doorbuster deals. But even if you do get that 4K TV for $199, it will be an off-brand.

If you want a higher-quality TV at a good discount, wait until January, just before the Super Bowl when you may be able to find a 32″ LED 1080p Samsung HDTV for $199 (reg. $277.99).

Super Bowl TV shopping is more focused on high quality for the price, and some brands offer steep discounts.


6. This year’s cameras: Buy next year (or not at all).

If you want the latest model now, you’re gonna pay more for it.

Avoid the Black Friday camera hype and instead get your new-but-year-old Nikon D7100 with a bag, 18-55mm, and 55-300mm lenses bundle for $851.84 on Jet.com after the new model is released.

The exact same camera bundle was $1,000 at Best Buy last year on Black Friday.


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7. Toys: Buy in January or July.

Prices on toys drop on Black Friday, but they drop even lower about two weeks before Christmas.

If you want to be ahead of the game, a great place to find low-priced toys is during Target’s semi-annual clearance sales in January and July.

Toy prices start at 30% off but dive lower and lower until they hit up to 90% off. Buy at about the 50% off mark, because after that, toys will be picked over.

My top toy-buying tip is to start early. In fact, I’ve built a gift stockpile for birthdays and weddings based on the best time of year to buy everything. This tip can save you hundreds.



8. Apple iPhone: Buy in September

Apple doesn’t do discounts. There are ways to save on a new iPhone, but they don’t come from discounts.

Retailers may offer $100 off a new iPhone XR on Black Friday, but your best bet is to wait until Apple announces its new iPhones in September, when the current models get discounted.

TIP: Sometimes stores that sell Apple Products — such as Walmart — offer promotions. So if you have any hope of finding a deal on an iPhone, skip the Apple store and head to a store that also sells Apple products.


9. Jewelry: Buy in the summer.

The best time to buy jewelry is in the summer, hands down.

Sure, you may see 20-30% off deals on Black Friday (or even 75% off during Valentine’s Day!). But don’t make an impulse buy, because a lot of these prices are jacked up high. So a discount — even a seemingly steep discount — isn’t really a great deal.

Visit jewelry stores in summer months when customers are few, sale prices hit around 50%, and they’re more likely to negotiate prices.


10. Power tools: Buy in June.

Although you may find some Black Friday deals anywhere between 20-50% off, you can get similar deals with fewer crowds. The Home Depot and Lowe’s start dropping power tool prices in mid-December.

But the absolute best time to buy power tools is right before Father’s Day. If you’re wanting them for a Christmas gift, try to plan ahead! Otherwise, December is your next best bet.


11. Winter clothes: Buy in January/February.

It might be hard to resist those discounted coats, but if you wait until the holidays are over, you’ll get some legit deals on winter clothing.

January-February is when you want to buy heavy jackets, as stores try to make room for incoming spring items.



12. Laptops: Buy during Back-to-School sales

The better deals happen in July and August when they’re getting ready for their back-to-school customers, especially if you can use a student coupon.

Last year the MacBook Air 13.3″ was on sale for $200 off the original price of $999.99 on Black Friday and $250 off the same laptop with a student discount for the Back-to-School sale.


13. Appliances: Buy on 3-day holiday weekend sales

You can get some appliances at a pretty good price on Black Friday, but weekend sales such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and Presidents’ Day bring deeper discounts.

Last year on Black Friday, Best Buy offered a range of appliance discounts mostly between 15-30% off. During their Memorial Day Sale Weekend this year, they offered 40% off similar products.



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