This year has been a strange one — but even a pandemic can’t #CancelBlackFriday. In fact, with Black Friday online shopping, 2020 could offer the longest and best deals ever.

Many big-name stores will be closed for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, making online literally where it’s at this year when it comes to holiday shopping — and I’m here to help you find the best deals for this year’s (mostly) online Black Friday 2020.

From the best apps to download to getting cash back on your purchases, here’s how to survive — and thrive — during Black Friday 2020.


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1. Make a Black Friday wish list organized by priority.

This year, I’m preparing for a “Black Friday week.” That’s seven (or more) days of shopping, which is why I’m prepping with a wish list. Here’s what I did:

You can make your Black Friday shopping list by priority, person, and/or desired price. If something is low on your list and the Black Friday price is still higher than you wanted, then maybe it’s time to wish that item farewell until a better sale. Simply being organized will help you get what you need and help you avoid spending your hard-earned cash on what you don’t.


PRO TIP: Just as with in-person Black Fridays of the past, sometimes the early bird really does get the worm — so set an alarm! If there is a high-demand item that you are determined to get your hands on, use this as part of your prioritization strategy. Bonus: Shopping in your pajamas is way better than waiting in line in the dark at a crowded store.


2. Use Paribus to help you get refunded for items that drop in price.

Paribus really wants to do all your heavy lifting when it comes to getting a price adjustment after you make a purchase. Paribus will work with you to get your money back from these merchants*.

Sign up for Paribus, and they’ll troll your email inbox, track your purchases, alert you of price drops. The best part? Paribus’s tracking service is completely free.

Paribus can no longer request price adjustments from Amazon, but Paribus can help score you a credit from Amazon if your shipment arrives late! Which is definitely going to happen this Black Friday.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


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3. Install an online price tracker and coupon finder like Honey.

To ensure you’re getting all the discounts, download a price-tracking browser extension that doubles as a promo code/coupon finder.

Honey, WikiBuy, RetailMeNot, and PriceBlink are all easy for you to install on your computer/laptop and will automatically search the web and apply promo codes to your shopping cart at checkout.

If there are any hidden discounts to be found, these plugins will find ’em.

4. Make sure you’re signed up for store emails in advance.

Once you have your list made, sign up to receive emails from the stores where you plan to shop. To be safe, it’s best to sign up two weeks before Black Friday.

But many stores will even send you instant coupons like this 15% off $100+ purchase coupon for Macy’s (which is 20% off this year!).


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5. … And a member of their loyalty programs.

There could be additional discounts for shoppers who are part of a store’s loyalty program — early access to sales, for example — as well as exclusive discounts.

Plus, you’ll rack up rewards while you shop.



6. Save even more when you use a cash-back or rebate app.

There’s no reason not to “stack” your Black Friday sale purchases with rebate apps like TopCashback, Ibotta, or Fetch Rewards.

Apps like these work with thousands of retailers to get consumers money back or credit on their purchases that can be used just like cash. In most cases, you need only submit a receipt for qualified items to get the money (or in Fetch Rewards case, points that can be used like cash on future purchases).

PRO TIP: You get $20 in Ibotta bonus cash for your first month using the app. Just make sure you’re using a device that hasn’t registered an Ibotta account before, and do everything within the first month and you’ll be $20 richer!


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7. Buy discounted gift cards in advance to skim a little off the top.

Buy discounted gift cards from Raise or Gift Card Granny and save 3% to 25% on top of Black Friday prices.


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8. Fill up that shopping cart early — then wait out the storm.

If you’re not 100% sure you want something (or that you’re getting the best price), then just leave it in your cart. You may receive an abandoned-shopping-cart-email tempting your purchase with additional discounts. Or discover a better Cyber Monday sale altogether.


9. Check Amazon for post-Prime Day leftovers.

Missed out on Amazon Prime Day 2020? That’s OK — Amazon’s Black Friday sales will likely be comparable. Or maybe even better.

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10. Want to see the thing in person? Opt for curbside pickup.

Plenty of stores are doing curbside pickup for Black Friday 2020. Here are some you’ll want to know about:

  • Target, Black Friday most stores open at 7 a.m.
  • Walmart, Black Friday stores open at 5 a.m.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods, Black Friday stores open at 5 a.m.

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11. Use a rewards credit card for extra kickbacks.

Make the most of your Black Friday spending with a credit card that’ll give you kickbacks. When you use a cash-back or rewards credit card, those perks are happening on top of sales prices, rebate apps, coupons, etc.

To name a few…

  • The Amazon Visa gets you 5% on all purchases (plus a $70 – $100 gift card for new customers).
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards range from 1% to 5% and can be converted to discount gift cards for one of their many partners, converted to cash, or redeemed for travel.
  • The Target RedCard gets you 5% savings on every Target purchase plus other perks like free two-day shipping, early access to Black Friday, exclusive coupons in the Target app, and 10% off on


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12. Mind Black Friday return policies to avoid buyer’s remorse.

While many retailers extend their return window during the holiday season, certain items will continue to be ineligible for returns. Think: open/used makeup, toiletries, edible products, video games, and so on.

In short: Make sure your Black Friday 2020 splurges are covered in the retailer’s return policy.

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12 Ways to Survive a Fast and Furious Online Black Friday 2020