You’ve probably heard of ecommerce, but have you ever heard of mcommerce? The term mcommerce refers to when you shop online using your mobile device, such as your smartphone or your tablet. This holiday season, mcommerce is predicted to reach a staggering $10 billion dollars. I love the convenience of holiday shopping online using my mobile device, but I know it is not without risk. Here are a few tips I use to help protect myself from identify theft when shopping online with my mobile device:

  • I Disable Bluetooth and Near Field Communications when I’m not using these features.
  • I do not shop online with my mobile device while connected to the Internet through a public Wi-Fi network (like the ones common in coffee shops, malls, public libraries, airports, etc.). These public networks are unsecured, so if your transaction isn't encrypted, your sensitive financial information could be exposed.
  • If making a purchase online, I make sure the website address begins with “https”. The “s” represents secure, meaning the website is encrypted and generally more secure then unencrypted websites.
  • I’m careful about using mobile shopping apps to make purchases, since malware can be downloaded to your device from these apps, which may expose your financial information.
Do You Know How to Keep Your Mobile Shopping Info Safe from Thieves?