If you're a social network superstar, you might as well make some money while you're at it, right? Don't expect to earn enough for a new car, but a little extra here and there adds up. It would be a great way to save up all year for Christmas cash! All it takes is a social network account or two.  The more you share, the more you earn!

  • ShareMagnet rewards people for using their social network to spread the news about products and services they like. When you create an account on ShareMagnet, you will be asked to create a profile that details your gender, age, and interests. This allows ShareMagnet to tailor offers to you. For example, right now I have four offers available to me ranging from a shopping website to a cooking blog.  Once you are ready to share, ShareMagnet guides you through the process by allowing you to customize your comments, keywords and social networks you want to use; there are 18 to choose from. Due to FTC regulations, it also requires you to disclose that you are paid for sharing such as adding #ad or #sponsored to your post.  You get paid each time someone clicks on your link. For example, the four offers I can share today offer around ten cents per click. The money is deposited into your 'Share Bank' and when you reach payout status, the money is deposited into your Paypal account.
  • BeamSnap is a marketplace where you can share your favorite products with friends.  When they buy, you get a chunk of the change. For example, let's say your girlfriend tells you she needs a new blender. You log in to your BeamSnap account, create a personalized link to your favorite blender, and send it to her. When she buys it, you get a commission. Let's say she spends $100; you'll get $3 and it didn't cost her anything extra.
  • My Likes partners with advertisers to provide sponsored content via Twitters, Facebook, Tumblr or YouTube. If you have one of these accounts, you can sign up and start getting paid each time someone clicks a link or views a video that you've posted.  Create a My Likes account by providing access to your social networking account and filling out a profile helping My Likes to customize the campaigns available for you to promote. I was presented with hundreds of different campaign opportunities, but only one caught my eye as being relevant to the people I was sharing with. It wasn't much work, and it was something I would have shared anyway!  It doesn't take long to get paid by My Likes. Once you've reached $2 in your account, you will see it transferred to your Paypal account the following Friday, or you can donate all your earnings to charity!
  • Sponsored Tweets is exactly what it sounds like: get paid to tweet! When you sign up for Sponsored Tweets, you will create a profile with keywords that match the types of tweets you are willing to make. If you tweet with other moms, you might put 'mom' or 'parenting' as a few of your keywords. You will also set the dollar amount that you require to tweet a message. Sponsored Tweets will suggest a number, but ultimately, you get to decide.  I haven't received nearly as many opportunities in Sponsored Tweets as I do with My Likes, but I do like that I get paid if I tweet, not just if someone clicks on it. There are pay per click tweets available from Sponsored Tweets as well, and the click price is higher than Share Magnet, for example. You get paid within 24 hours and once your account reaches $50, you can cash out.

This has been a guest post by Tiffany from Tigard, OR
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