I have a hard time keeping up with receipts during the holiday shopping season, and quite frankly, shoving wayward receipts into my wallet or balling them up and letting them sink to the bottom of the black hole known as my purse doesn’t quite cut it. Since most retailers require receipts for returns (especially if I want to get a refund based on the price of the item when I bought it rather than the price of the item on the day I want to return it), not having an organized, efficient system for my receipts can potentially cost me money. It also makes it hard to figure out exactly how much I’ve spent, especially if I’m shopping at a bunch of different stores with various payment methods. To keep track of all my receipts, I use my smartphone’s camera to snap a photo of each receipt as soon as I receive it. Then I send these photos to my email or back them up on my computer (in case I lose or break my phone or accidentally delete the photos).

If you have an iPhone, also consider using the free OneReceipt mobile app, where you can quickly and easily store photos of your paper receipts as well as your electronic receipts. You can also separate your receipts into specific categories and browse your receipts by amount, date, retailer, or category. This makes it easy to see where your money is going, stick to a budget, create expense reports, and have all your receipt in one place come tax season. Click here to download the free app from Apple’s app store.

The Easy Way to Keep Track of Holiday Shopping Receipts