As I get older (and my friends follow suit) we sometimes joke that if we continue to give each other gifts for every birthday, holiday and special occasion, we'll each soon need an extra room in our houses just to store them all! This explains why, in recent years, we've segued from gift giving to gift card giving. While this is undoubtedly a space saver, and a time saver as well, it hasn’t always proven to be a money saver. For example, sometimes my more tech-savvy friends like to give me iTunes gift cards. What they don’t know is, the day I finally learn how to use an iTunes gift card is likely the same day we’ll finally colonize Mars.

So what to do with the gift cards piling up in my junk drawer? Happily, I actually have an answer to that question—an answer you can benefit from too!

Meet This handy website will take those unused gift cards you’ll never use and turn them into cash you definitely will use. is a relatively new entrant into the gift-cards-for-cash marketplace, but with their 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% customer trust policies, they’ll likely turn out to be a keeper.

Selling: Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow

  1. Visit
  2. Visit "sell."
  3. Type in the information about your gift card using the handy prompts.
  4. Click "continue" to get your quote.
  5. Check your email for the quote with a transaction number.
  6. Mail Gift Card Bin the gift card with the printed email.
  7. Wait to be contacted with payout details.
  8. Select your method of payment: check or Paypal.

Buying: Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Login" (uppermost right-hand corner of the screen).
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Visit "buy."
  5. Use the various search fields on the right-hand sidebar to select a card.
  6. Add that card to your cart.
  7. Select your method of payment and enjoy free shipping and no tax on all orders!


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