There’s been a lot of talk about a meat shortage, as processing plants recently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. But the fast food chain known for their “Where’s the Beef?” tagline is, in a number of places, out of beef.

Before you place that Baconator order, you might want to check with your local Wendy’s. Here’s what you need to know:


Nearly 1 in 5 Wendy’s restaurants is out of beef.

Financial analysts at Stephens, Inc. analyzed the online menus at every Wendy’s location in the U.S. and found that out of the 5,500 restaurants, about 1,000 of them are not serving any hamburgers.

As a company, Wendy’s has relied on fresh (rather than frozen) beef at their restaurants, but now that focus is affecting the menu.


Is beef gone at your Wendy’s? Depends on where you live.


If you’re in Ohio, Michigan, or New York, almost 1 in 3 Wendy’s locations is out of beef, according to Stephens, Inc. If you’re in Arizona, Nevada or Louisiana, your menu is unaffected.



Wendy’s is all about chicken now — cheap chicken.

On the homepage, there’s a big picture of a chicken sandwich, and further down the page, they advertise kids’ meals with chicken nuggets. Even the Wendy’s app offers have pivoted to almost all chicken menu items.

In fact, you can get Wendy’s chicken nuggets and sandwiches for super cheap right now. Check out these promotions:

  • Get 2 chicken items for $5: Choose between a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, 10-Piece Spicy Nuggets, Homestyle Chicken Sandwich, or 10-Piece Crispy Nuggets
  • Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich with mobile purchase (app offer)
  • 4 Premium Chicken or Dave’s Small Combos for $20 (app offer)
  • $1 6-Piece Chicken Nuggets (app offer)


Burger King and Taco Bell have had some outages, too.

Although Burger King hasn’t responded to media inquiries about their meat situation, Twitter posts indicate that as of April 30, customers were experiencing sporadic beef outages. But hey, they’ve got that Impossible Whopper to tide people over.

Twitter users have also shared that Taco Bell locations have also started to run out of meat.

As for McDonald’s, the company has indicated that they haven’t had any issues with their meat supply so far.


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