During the holidays, I have a huge problem with becoming a couch potato (probably more than any other time of year). I have a Netflix marathon on my mind, and there’s a container of birthday cake ice cream calling my name. Add in the chilly weather, shorter days, homemade food, and it's easy to see why the numbers on my bathroom scale keep creeping up. Luckily, Nexercise is a new app that keeps me from sitting still. Dubbed the true "Fitness App for Lazy People," this freebie has made a game out of exercise. Here are the top 5 things I love about Nexercise!

1. mPOINTS: lose pounds and gain points.

These are what you earn in order to get real life rewards, and the ways you obtain them are always plentiful. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

  • 5 points for checking in daily
  • 10+ points for logging in a past work out (this can even mean cleaning the house).
  • 10+ points for exercising a minimum of 15 minutes with the app.
  • 5 points for weighing daily.
  • 5 points for doing a short daily survey.
  • 5+ points for watching a commercial.
  • 15 points for leveling up.
  • 10 points for checking in with Twitter.
  • 250+ points for downloading apps.
  • 250,000+ points for signing up with Nexercise's business partners.

2. Real life rewards: the real reason I twerk it.

Every krazy coupon lady loves the word free. You can win some items just for being active on the app regularly. Even if you aren’t one of these lucky folks, saving up mPOINTS can still get you real rewards like these:

  • Kindle eBooks
  • Samsung Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Crock-Pot slow cooker
  • Amazon MP3 credits
  • Gift cards (places like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, etc.).

3. Donations: give while you lose.

One of my favorite aspects of this app is that the company donates regularly, and you have the option to as well. Spread the holiday cheer all around!

  • You can donate mPOINTS to hundreds of charities (like Pencils of Promise, Make a Wish, etc.).
  • Each 1000 points you give to charity equals $1 Nexercise will donate.
  • They write checks to these organizations every month, so it really adds up when everyone participates!

4. Social features: everyone needs a little competition.

Each member gets their own profile. This is where the real competition (that I love) begins.

  • Add your own selfie and biography.
  • Show off your points, rank, and workout time.
  • Chat with friends, share recipes, and workout music.
  • Join a FlashFit Mob—so you can exercise (and compete) with friends.

5. Bonus points: easy ways to earn more.

I love that I can earn medals and bonus experience for repeating healthy behaviors on my fitness quest. Here are a few tricks I've uncovered that will give you extra mPOINTS.

  • Early Bird:  Net bonus XP by sweating it out between 5AM and 9AM.
  • Monday Maniac:  Exercise on Monday to boost your XP earnings all week long.
  • Strength in Numbers: Earn bonus XP once-a-day for having 5 active Facebook or Bump friends.
  • Weekend Warrior: Squeeze in 45 minutes of physical activity on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • National Agenda: Get this medal by cramming in 2.5 hours of cardio and strength-training per week.
  • Gobble Gobble: Sweat for at least 15 minutes on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday to receive this medal plus some bonus XP for every workout you do the following week!
  • Holiday Stretch:  Give yourself the gift of health and extra XP by working out for at least 15 minutes between December 20-31.

Dangling prizes, levels, and medals aren’t the only reasons that I tighten up my boot straps and stroll away from the artificial glow of my television screen. It’s because when I was growing up, I was the big girl. I don’t want to be that girl anymore, but most exercise apps expect you to go full-throttle from day one. At my weight, things like running, spinning, and fast-paced aerobics are laughable, but Nexercise allows me to count walking and cleaning, which makes this app a winner in my book.

This is a guest post by Cherese from Tennessee.

5 Reasons Why I Added Nexercise to My Exercise