Warning! Once you read this post, you’ll no longer be able to say “because I don’t want to pay expensive gym membership fees” as an excuse for not working out. And if you’re already spending money on gym fees, you may want to consider quitting your fitness club because there are easier and better ways to get healthy. Here are six absolutely free ways to get fit!

1. YouTube is your friend

You can find tons of free workouts on YouTube! You name it—Pilates, crossFit, yoga, HIIT, tai-chi, Zumba…YouTube has it. Plus, there are hundreds of professionally-made diet plans you can access for free. Here are my favorites and highly recommended:

2. Walk, walk, walk, and walk some more

I love walking in my local park the best. It's fun to appreciate the scenery in my neighborhood and breathe in fresh air. Another thing I like to do is park my car far away from store entrances so I’m forced to walk. When I'm at the office I take frequent trips to the water station to fill my tumbler. It’s a great reason to take a walk as long as it doesn't affect your job duties.

3. Get free printable workout posters

Pinterest has lots of them—just search for “workouts” and choose the one that fits your needs best. I suggest printing them out or saving them to your smart phone. I even have a few posted on my bedroom wall; whenever I wake up, I feel motivated to get moving!

4. Sit up straight

You might ask: Is that even a workout? And my answer is yes! Sitting up straight requires extra effort, and not only improves your blood flow but also helps with breathing. Try sitting up straight for an hour and see how you feel afterwards. Ever since I’ve taken the extra effort to sit up straight, I find that my back hurts a lot less after a long workday in front of a computer. Plus, sitting up straight makes you look and feel more confident!

5.  Free apps

Want to be fit anytime, anywhere? I love these free Android and iOS apps because their workouts are completely doable—even for me!

6. Chew Slowly

Chewing slowly not only helps you savor the taste of your food, but it’s also likely to reduce food intake. You might ask: How’s food consumption related to chewing slowly? This is the answer: it generally takes twenty minutes for our brains to tell our stomachs that we're full. The sooner we feel full, the less likely we will eat more!

This is a guest post by Kristine K. from Manila, Philippines.


6 Completely Free Ways to Get Fit