Why should I be excited about a coupon “resetting”?

You may have noticed on the Krazy Coupon Lady site when titles of posts will announce that a coupon has reset. What does that mean?

Simple. If you printed a coupon already, you get to print the coupon again. I'm not talking about the standard option of being able to print any coupon two times. I mean the chance to print it two more times—for a total of four coupons!

You get to print coupons up to four times!

I remember when I first started to coupon. When I figured out that I could print two copies of each coupon from my computer, I was super excited. That meant I wouldn't need to call my family and friends to ask them to print more copies. I could print two myself!

Then came my discovery of the "reset."

Remember that high-value coupon you were excited to print because it gave you a super price for laundry detergent? Chances are, you printed it twice to stock up on the detergent. With a reset, you get to print it again—two more times! That means you get a total of four coupons.

Exactly how many copies of coupons can I print?

Am I allowed to print more than one coupon?  Yes, you are allowed to print 2 per computer. Once the number of coupons have been printed, the coupon becomes dead and can no longer be printed.

Companies will create a coupon that has a limited amount of prints. For example, a Tide laundry detergent coupon may have 10,000 available prints. Since it is a popular brand, prints may run out fairly quickly. If the company decides to provide more prints, that's called a reset.  Once that happens, it’s just like "new" again, and you can print two additional copies from your same computer.

When do coupons reset?

Coupons typically reset the first day of the month, but unfortunately, there is no way for us to know exactly what coupons will reset or what will simply dissappear. We recommend that you print any coupon for a product your family uses. If there isn't a great deal on that item yet, hold on to the coupon and wait. Deals are happening all of the time. If any of these coupons reset, you can then print them again. Four coupons for a product you use adds up to big savings quickly.

On the last day of every month, or anytime we know a coupon is about to expire, we’ll let you know. Additionally, new coupons will be released throughout the month, so it’s always a good idea to check back regularly on our site.

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Don't Ignore a Reset Coupon!