The KCL Brag Lounge can be an intimidating place for coupon newbies. I remember the first time I ever replied to a post — how happy I was for the other “Krazy” couponer who had saved big. The next day, I managed to find some big deals at Target. Several people sent messages telling how well I did! At that moment, I realized that couponing isn’t just about getting deals and building a stockpile. Rather, it is a community (I call it Couponville) that comes with perks:

Wanted Products:  A fellow couponer recently made a plea via video for a certain health product she needed that had been cleared from the shelves at her stores.  She was willing to make a deal and trade items from her stockpile. I sent her a message that my store had her items. We worked out a deal!

Coupon Swap: I don't use every coupon I scrounge up. We don't have kids in the family, so diaper coupons aren’t a necessity. I make good use of them by sending them to a mommy in the ‘couponverse.’ She sends me some other coupons in return!

Morale Boost: Sometimes it is too hard to contain the excitement from a great haul or giddiness from big savings. You have to share! Well, people who don’t coupon have a harder time understanding. I brag about my deal at my favorite blogs and Facebook pages and offer up nice comments to others who have worked out a great deal. For newbies, these compliments are a great boost!

High Standards: Because store policies, coupon policies and techniques are always changing,  I depend on established couponing blogs and websites. Every day is a learning process. It is important to me to use my coupons correctly. The greater coupon community (and the nice folks at KCL) help us all stay accountable and help others respect our actions.

Instant Alert: Recently I found a stellar deal at my store, Publix, and quickly informed another coupon enthusiast. She thanked me. Ever since, she informs me when she finds great deals. Couponing can bring people together!

Couponing is too good to keep to ourselves. Getting active in ‘Couponville’ can benefit all of us. One caution: make sure you take the time to know other couponers first before heavily interacting with them.

This has been a guest post by Anne from Florida
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Coupon Community: Get Social to See Big Savings