When it comes to saving money, Krazy Couponers are always looking to expand their arsenal of techniques. Take a look at these methods to triple your savings:

Gift cards

Look for deals on gift cards. Recently, Safeway  promoted a "Buy a $50 gift card from select merchants, receive a $10 Safeway store credit.” Michaels had an even better promotion, "Buy a $50 Lowe's or iTunes gift card for $40." Rite-aid had something similar with "Buy a $50 home improvement gift card, receive a $10 UP reward." These gift card promotions mean savings up to 20 percent!

Also consider buying gift cards through Plastic Jungle or Card Pool. Get savings as high as 35 percent from your home computer.

Shopping Portal

Earn cash back just by utilizing shopping portals like Ev Reward, Shop at Home, Top Cash Back or Ebates.   I personally like Ev Reward because it lists Points Programs like Chase Ultimate Rewards and Citi Thank You. It also includes frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards such as Marriott. One drawback is that Ev Reward does not have Shop at Home on their list.

I also like Shop at Home's 110 percent top cash back guarantee. This means that if you find higher cash back elsewhere, Shop at Home will adjust your account. Ev Reward can find the best cash back deals with one click.

 Store Pickup

Shop online and pick up in the store. This is my favorite. I can get merchandise that might not be in stock at my local store and still get the sale price. Most retailers don’t charge shipping fees when the order is sent to the store.

Use Coupons

I just couldn't resist it. I always search for coupon codes through Swagbucks. Not only am I able to find a coupon code, I also earn Swagbucks in the process! Learn more here.

How To

Here is an example of how I apply all of these tips into one transaction:

I start with the gift card and go through a shopping portal like Top Cash Back. I type in Plastic Jungle. I earn four percent cash back with that step alone.  Then I purchase a Kohl's gift card for 15 percent off. After I receive the gift card, I again go through a shopping portal to find Kohl's. Right now, Shop at Home is offering five percent cash back for Kohl's. To top it off, I have a 20 percent discount code for Kohl's that I found using the Swagbucks search bar! One tip: make sure before you buy that shipping is either free or super-cheap.

This may sound like a lot but it's really easy. It takes me longer to cut coupons. Give it a try!

This has been a guest post by Eroica from Stockton, CA
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Triple Savings: More for Your Couponing Bag of Tricks