Coupon burnout is real. It can make you want to torch your supply.

So, how do you avoid the burn and continue saving 50-70% on your grocery bill?

Let me show you:


1. Use a coupon clipping service to save time.

A lot of the burnout comes from the time investment it takes to clip newspaper coupons. This will save you time when you organize your coupons.

Sit down with your shopping list, choose the coupons you want from a coupon clipping service’s online database (like Klip2Save), pay a tiny fraction of what the coupon will save you, and the coupon clippers mail the physical coupons to you.

You just check the mail, grab your coupons, and head to the store!


2. Or do “printable only” coupon deals to avoid clipping coupons.

If you aren’t going to go the coupon clipping service route and you still don’t want to clip newspaper coupons, try sticking to only printable coupons.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with a giant binder of coupons or a stack of weekly inserts — just jump onto The Krazy Coupon Lady and select “Printable Only” deals under “Deals.”

From here you can browse offers that don’t include a single newspaper insert.


3. Or buy a newspaper (or four if you want to stockpile) at the dollar store every Sunday.

Keep it simple and avoid a newspaper subscription. Just hit up the dollar store on a Sunday and your savings will amount to well over the money you spend on the newspaper.

But, do not stress if you miss a week! The deals are always coming back around.

Also, don’t clip coupons until you’re ready to go do a coupon deal.


4. File the entire weekly inserts into a binder, by date.

You’ll know which deals will expire first, and you don’t have to spend time clipping anything until you know for sure that you’re going to use it!



5. Only do deals that are at stock-up prices.

As a general rule, if an item is at least 50% off, it’s time to stock up.

To avoid coupon burnout, if the 50% off item is something you know you’ll use, it’s time to stock up.

Each KCL deal features a 3-month and a 6-month “stock-up symbol.” If an item has one of the KCL stock-up symbols (and you know you’ll use the item), start grabbin’. Which leads me to…


6. Only buy items that you or your family already uses.

The only thing more thrilling than snagging a killer deal is knowing your family will actually use the item you bought.

I once stockpiled 14 boxes of “Extra Fiber” oatmeal because there was a great coupon deal, then discovered it was a little too much fiber for my kids’ bodies to handle.

Not gonna lie, this isn’t easy. When you see a moneymaker for denture cleaning solution, it’s tempting to do it just to make money. And for some people this is a fabulous strategy!

They do the moneymaker deal and then donate the item if they can’t use it. But to make sure couponing works for you long term, go ahead and skip these deals.


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7. Expect to miss a few stellar deals. It’s okay — don’t obsess.

Picture this: You work up to a brag-worthy coupon stash, take a wad of coupons out to save an exciting amount of money — only to realize that half the coupons expired last week.

Or this: You’re going away for a week and you totally space arranging to get a hold of Sunday newspapers while you’re gone. And there was a deal for free laundry detergent.

We’ve all been there. Don’t let it discourage you. Just pick back up where you left off and keep at it.


8. Don’t bother stocking up for longer than a 6-month supply.

You may get tempted to fill an entire closet (or room!) with your super cheap goodies, but don’t.

Stick to the six-month stockpile rule, and only stock up on items you know you’ll use, like toiletries and nonperishable items.

You’ll find that fabulous deals come around often enough to keep your six-month supply replenished.



9. Avoid frustration by reading the fine print at the bottom of your coupons.

Chasing down deals can be thrilling, but the adrenaline can turn to anger if you do all that work, only to discover the fine print at the bottom of your coupon means the brands or volume you want won’t work for you.

Save time (and stress) by reading that fine print!

And if you need help decoding coupon jargon, check our quick guide here.


10. Just use Ibotta and skip traditional coupons.

Skip coupons?! Yes. And when you use Ibotta you’ll understand why.

Ibotta is my favorite rebate app. Just choose your rebates, scan the item barcodes, and snap a photo of your receipt to get money back.

I save about $500/year doing this, and it doesn’t involve clipping any coupons.


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11. Decide on a goal, and reflect on your saving success.

Set a goal is to save $30/month on your grocery bill to save up for a guilt-free getaway or a monthly date night. It may motivate you to keep going.


12. Find your coupon tribe, and cheer for each other!

Half the fun of scoring a deal is bragging about it! Share on our KCL Brags page, and cheer others on too.

Similar to having a workout buddy, a community of coupon buddies will help keep you positive and motivated.


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12 Easy Ways to Avoid Coupon Burnout