Usually the cheapest back-to-school supplies are also the most basic and ordinary. Add some flair and customize plain school supplies with washi tape, decorative masking tape that’s both cheap (you can get 12 different rolls for about $7 here) and incredibly cute. Here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Transform plain pencils. 


To sharpen these pencils, peel back the washi tape before inserting into a pencil sharpener. Or, if you’re worried about pencil sharpener issues, try decorating just the ends of pencils, near the eraser.


2. Add designs to book covers. 

Forgot how to make book covers out of paper bags? Use these easy instructions.


3. Reinforce hole punches.



 4. Embellish plain dividers.


5. Decorate clean, empty cans and use them to organize school supplies.

 Decorate old cereal boxes, jars, empty pringles cans, cups, etc., and use them to organize as well.


6. Make paper clip flags.

They work great as bookmarks!


7. Make the utensils in school lunches fun to use.


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8. Adorn binders and notebooks.

We recommend using white or another solid color binder as most of the washi tape is see-through.



9. Cover plain binder clips.


10. Label events in a planner or calendar.


11. Decorate an empty Pringles can, fill it with cookies, and give it to a new teacher.


12. Make decorative clothespin magnets.

Stick washi tape on one side, and glue a magnet strip to the other side. These are perfect for lockers!


13. Label different subjects’ notebooks. 


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