1. The same deals are available online.

With the exception of big-ticket items, the majority of Black Friday deals found in-store are available online at the same time.


2. There are better deals on Cyber Monday.

I find that the deals on Cyber Monday are often better than what I see on Black Friday. Between flash sales, coupon codes, free shipping and larger available quantities, it’s just a better route to go. Plus, I don’t have to put pants on. Win.

3. Some stores—like REI—may be closed.

Let’s face it. Working retail on Black Friday is a nightmare. This year, we’ll see a shift. Instead of retailers focusing on late-night sales, stores will be more concerned about the well-being of workers and the time they spend with their families. REI, for example, will remain closed on Black Friday so their employees can enjoy the holiday.

Since REI is a co-op, we probably won’t see other major stores closing their doors on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Public companies are just unable to do it financially. Instead, expect Black Friday deals to start earlier in the week to help off-set huge mobs of shoppers on Thursday night.


4. The huge crowds are terrifying.

Google "Black Friday Stampede" and you’ll find over 1,070,000 results. No, thank you.


5. The best deals are only available in very limited quantities.

The hottest and most advertised deals are only available in extremely small numbers. Unless you plan on camping out in order to be one of the first in line to claim these deals, you won’t get them.


6. It’s easy to overspend on impulse buys.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of Black Friday and thrill of the deal. This only encourages overspending. Don’t get caught in this trap.


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7. Sale prices will be available for longer periods of time.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for most retailers. So why would they limit that success to just one day? We're now seeing Black Friday deals start as early as the week before Thanksgiving and run well past Black Friday.


8. Stores will start to offer free shipping on all orders.

Target was the first big-box store to announce free shipping on all online orders through the holidays in 2015. We’ll see more companies follow suit this year, making a trip to the store unnecessary.


9. Stores will match competitors’ prices to get your business.

A growing trend benefitting shoppers is companies’ willingness to price match with competitors. A few stores you’ll see participate in this practice include Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.


10. Free in-store pickup lets me shop online and avoid crowds.

Free store pickup is key to avoiding Black Friday crowds. If you’re in a hurry to get an item, this is the way to go. Get the same deals as in-store shoppers online and pick up your item a few days later when the madness has subsided.


11. Amazing deals are available throughout the year.

The week of Black Friday certainly isn’t the absolute best time to find hot deals. If you shop smart, you can knock a good chunk of your Christmas shopping list out of the way—well before the hype of Black Friday even begins.


12. Family time is more important than saving a few bucks.

Fighting mobs of people in the cold, late at night? No, thank you. I’d rather spend time with my family–cozy at home recovering from a big turkey dinner.

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