In case you missed me on the Harry Show today, here’s the segment where you can listen in to some of my favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips!


How can I make Black Friday as stress free as possible?

You want to be a tactical shopper, scout the store the day before Thanksgiving to get a feel for the setup of the store. Not only might you see the setup going on for doorbuster deals, you can also find the second location of each hot doorbuster item. That way you can get in and out quickly. Also, avoid main aisles when navigating the store. Most deals are on the perimeter of the store, so that’s where everyone congregates. Save time and avoid the crowds by cruising the lesser-traveled aisles, without a shopping cart.


Should I bring cash or credit cards with me when I’m shopping?

Use a price-protection credit card to get Black Friday prices before sales are live. Chase, Citi and Discover all offer price-protection credit cards that you can use on Black Friday to get the deals, but you won’t have to fight people in stores for the same TV you want. These credit cards essentially let you get price adjustments straight from the bank. If you buy something with your price-protection credit card and find a lower price within 60-90 days, your credit card company will refund the difference.

What are your top 3 tips for shopping Black Friday?

My number 3 tip is shop online staring Wednesday night! The key for success is to shop early, not on Thanksgiving, but actually on Wednesday evening. The last couple years, retailers starting rolling out online deals starting at 8 or 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday. Arm your smart phone with apps like Shopsavvy, Krazy Coupon Lady and DealNews.

Number 2 is sign up for store emails , or fill your cart the day before Black Friday to get coupons. During the week before Black Friday this year, try filling your virtual shopping cart with merchandise, then log out of your account. By doing so, in many cases, it will trigger an automated coupon sent to your inbox pleading for you to come back and complete your purchase with the coupon. Coupons are often for free shipping, 10%, 15% and even 20% off your purchase.

The number 1 tip is don’t leave your house unless you’ll be saving at least $50. Don’t get swept up in a hot deal if you’re only saving ten bucks. That’s barely worth the fuel cost, let alone the lack of sleep and shopping stress. My rule of thumb is I won’t leave the house if I’m not gonna save at least $50 more than I could have saved at home.




Black Friday Tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady on The Harry Show