Could you use an extra $400 a month? What would you do with it? Finally purchase those long-wanted items you've been desiring, make a car payment, or stretch that money and grow your stockpile by matching sales and coupons?

A couple years ago, I could have never imagined I'd be wondering how to best use this extra 'bonus' money I'm now bringing in monthly. Three years ago the school where I was teaching closed its doors permanently. I was suddenly out of work with a mortgage, husband, two kids, and only one income.

After traditional job searches fell short, I started looking to the Internet to create my own money-making opportunities. I came across a headline that said I could get paid to write articles. After investigating the site, I signed up and started writing.

What had, at first, started out as a website called Associated Content was eventually acquired by Yahoo! I now earn money by freelance, writing online articles for Yahoo! Voices, earning up to $400 a month.  This is completely online, completely from the comfort of my couch (or bed… or bathroom), and mostly when the kids are napping.

That's not saying it came easy or pulled in 'big money' right away. I was extremely green at first, relying more on my college essay skills than knowing how to write for the web. It was easy to give up when the big payouts weren't coming right away, but I kept at it, researched, and learned how to write for online audiences.

Writing articles in my interest fields – art, education, parenting, TV and crafts – I soon became a featured contributor, pulling in multiple high-paying assignments each month. I was eventually given weekly 'beats,' which are themed areas I can routinely write about for a set dollar amount. As well as the upfront payments for my articles, Yahoo! Voices also pays monthly performance bonuses for page views. One of my first big breaks ironically was Coupon Etiquette for Beginners, which earned thousands of page views and a nice little bonus.

The best part about online writing is that all the money earned each month goes directly into my PayPal account. With my PayPal debit card, I can go directly to the grocery store, where I've matched up my sales and coupons, and pay directly from my online writing money. Because of this practice, I've now eliminated all use of my credit card.  I am now on a path to quickly pay off the rest of my credit card debt in a few months.

Yahoo! is not the only site that will pay you for writing articles.  You can find many places online that are looking for your knowledge and advice.  In fact, I am earning money right now writing this article for the Krazy Coupon Lady website!

Writing articles online has changed my life, my habits, and my financial security. It's been a part-time job that I completely control, that now pays my family's entire grocery bill, and also helps in paying other bills for my family. If you enjoy writing, and $400 sounds good, try your hand at online writing, and see how far it can take you too.

This has been a guest post by Becca from Youngstown, OH
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How Online Writing Pays My Entire Grocery Bill