Although I rarely drink Coke, I became a member of My Coke Rewards last summer and have found some surprising benefits to being a member of this free rewards site. Here's what you need to know if you'd like to get started — and make the most of your online points.





What is My Coke Rewards?

My Coke Rewards is a free online customer loyalty program that allows users (after a quick, no-commitment signup) to enter numerical codes they find printed on Coke and Coke-related beverage products like Dasani, Powerade, Fanta, Sprite and others. Points vary by product (usually 3 points per 20 oz. bottle, 10 points per 12-pack), and they accumulate electronically for prizes — from magazine subscriptions to movie tickets, from apparel to beverage coupons and more.

Getting free codes

Now, if you are a Coke drinker, joining this program is a no-brainer. But I joined even though I’m more of a one-Coke-a-month girl. I found it was worth my time to log in because of the free codes I was able to get. For instance, when I became a member last summer, Coke was having its Olympic season promotion where they were releasing free 10-point codes each day of the Olympics. It was an easy way to rack up points! In March, this code can be entered for 10 points: 10099144423516. Other free codes are released by the company sporadically.

Taking advantage of bonus points

My Coke Rewards offers routine promotions — usually in conjunction with holidays — whereby singular codes can be turned into multiple codes. For instance, this Valentine’s Day, each code entered was honored at double its routine value. A spring promotion (through April 11) allows you to earn 20 bonus points and a free sweepstakes entry with a 12-pack code. Saving up your codes and redeeming points during promotional periods is the best way to make your online account grow.

Other ways to get codes

Ask family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to save codes from their products; some people just don't like to take the time to save and enter them. You can also get unused codes from packages you find at your local recycling center. Also, refer a friend and earn 50 bonus points; they'll also earn 10 free points to get them started. Some people even give away codes online.

Log in for Wednesday deals

Wednesday deals at are a 24-hour promotion offered each Wednesday that allows a special product from the rewards catalog to be offered at a 40-90 percent discount. Here are examples of some of the best offers from the past few months:

  • 30 points for a coupon good for a 12-pack of Coke
  • 73 points for a 1-year Good Housekeeping subscription
  • 75 points for a $15 gift card
  • 125 points for a $5 Domino's gift card

Don't wait until the final hours of the promotion, however, to redeem a certain deal you may be eying; in the past, some popular deals have "sold out."

Net free merchandise just for being a member

Last August, McDonalds was giving away free coupons via My Coke Rewards for their new (at the time) Chicken McBites. Only one coupon was available per member, but it came at absolutely no cost. My Coke Rewards also offered a 12-days-of-rewards promotion during the 2012 holiday season where some gift cards could be redeemed for low points, like a $5 McDonalds gift card for 90 points. Some sweepstakes entries, online wallpaper, mobile games and apps are also free.

How to Get the Most from My Coke Rewards