Oh, Black Friday…you are a couponer’s dream come true! Every year we count down the days to those twenty-four, deal-filled hours. Although consumers of all sorts will flock to the stores in droves right after Thursday’s festive dinner, only the most knowledgeable ones will score the best savings. Here at KCL, we’re all about helping you do just that by providing you with coupons, online deals, and money-saving tips. Below are our five best Black Friday articles to keep you calm, confident and saving the most you can this Friday.

1. Strategize and conquer!

Having a method to help you conquer the madness will get you out of the chaos as quickly as possible. Get the most out of Black Friday with these strategies!

6 Ways to Conquer Black Friday

2. Let your phone be your personal assistant.

From knowing where the best deals are to finding someone to stand in line for you, these apps will help you save the most time and money.

7 Must-Have 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Apps

3. Don’t fall for their tricks.

Know what you want before heading out to the store so you aren’t vulnerable to the many marketing ploys used by retailers to get you to overspend. Beware of the tricks listed in this article!


7 Holiday Marketing Ploys to Avoid

4. Know where the best deals really are.

Couponing pros know where the best deals are on Black Friday. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get organized and tell you where you can get dozens of products for super cheap or free with the help of coupons.

How to Coupon Like a Pro on Black Friday

5. Take advantage of Walmart’s newest shopping features.

It’s no secret that Walmart has some of the cheapest prices on Black Friday, which means literally millions of people will be walking through their doors come Friday. Be one of the smarter ones and know how to squeeze even more savings out of their already great deals.

7 Walmart Black Friday & Holiday Savings You Shouldn’t Miss!

KCL's Best Black Friday Tips